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Our Story

Each of us came into the space of integrative medicine through personal experiences -  we’ve witnessed first-hand the incredible impact this integrative and functional medicine can have on ourselves, our family, and our friends.

We’ve also realized that people are slowly becoming disenchanted by the culture of pill-popping for every issue, and masking symptoms instead of treating them from their roots. The tides of healthcare are shifting, and people are starting to look toward a more holistic option for their health needs. We want to be there, to help when people don’t know where to go or who to turn to. Getting a second - and more integrative - opinion shouldn’t be a paralyzing process.

Our goal is to point patients towards the right information and best complementary practitioners who can help them, when what they’re doing now isn’t enough.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring credibility, awareness, and accessibility to integrative medicine. We want to approach holistic healing options in the same way we do with Western ones, with respect & dignity, and help people live their healthiest lives.

Our Values


Founding Team

Tara Viswanathan


10+ years of experience in healthcare products, founder of 2 previous companies, Certified Nutrition Counselor

B.S. Wharton, M.S. Stanford

Rosa Hamalainen


Former Research Associate at Stanford Department of Bioengineering

B.S. Stanford

Dr. Murdoc Khaleghi


Former co-founder of EverlyWell, Chief Medical officer of WellnessFX

MBA Columbia University, MD University of California San Diego

Jordan Stern


4+ years web design and development experience

Justine Thorner


8+ years experience as a marketing strategist in the Health & Wellness vertical

Poppy Friedman


3+ years experience being the smallest, fluffiest and cutest pet. Has never had a bad hair day. 2+ years experience as a San Francisco office dog


Dennis Boyle

Co-founder of IDEO, Head of IDEO Health, Stanford d.school professor

Dr. Hemalee Patel

Staff Physician at One Medical

Sandy Jen

Co-founder of Honor

James Beshara

Founder at Tilt, Head of Concerts at AirBnb

Dr. Sue Kim

Clinical Assistant Professor (Affiliated) of Medicine, Stanford Center for Integrative Medicine

Dr. Gina Serraiocco

Integrative Medicine Expert & Speaker, Physician

Matt Skahill, L.Ac.

Head Acupuncturist for the Eagles, Penn Medicine

Kelly Philips

Head of Global Brand, Airbnb

Christine Friel, L.Ac., FABORM

Founder at Double Happiness Health

Karinn Gallagher, L.Ac.

Founder of Acupop

Lindsay Ullman

GV, Co-Founder at Umbrella

Danielle Capalino, MPH, RD, CDN

Faculty, George Washington University School of Medicine and Scientific Advisor, uBiome

We are located in beautiful SF

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