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Vibrant America

Vibrant America

Order, track, and receive results from 30+ labs in one place.

About the Lab

Vibrant America is known for its innovative proprietary bio-chip antibody testing and strives to be a leader in autoimmune diagnostics. They offer some of the most comprehensive testing panels for autoimmune disorders.

They offer testing for cardiovascular health, Celiac disease, connective tissue disorder, food allergen, inhalant allergen, micronutrients, and women’s health.

Information from their diagnostic tests is helpful for practitioners and patients in diagnosing and managing several concerns, including autoimmune diseases, fatigue, skin inflammation, brain fog, joint pain, GI disorders, nutritional deficiencies, weight gain/loss, headaches, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. They also provide educational resources and aim to offer test results that are easy to read and comprehend.

Vibrant America was established in 2008 in San Carlos, California. They aim to be a leading science and technology company delivering life-transforming laboratory services, with a mission “dedicated to bringing clinically relevant tests at a rapid pace to enable affordable, high-quality diagnostics to every individual.”

Their vision is “to enable symptom-based diagnostics and prognostics for autoimmune disease and other chronic diseases using an integrated micro-array platform that would enable multiplex testing at an affordable cost.”

Vibrant America ensures quality and security by meeting the necessary certifications.

Tests and testing methods are developed based on research and experience of technologists-scientists with knowledge in internal medicine, hematology, laboratory medicine, hematopathology, rheumatology, clinical pathology and microbiology, and endocrinology.

About the Lab

Vibrant Labs is a one-stop shop for lab testing covering everything from conventional labs (Vibrant America) to functional diagnostics labs (Vibrant Wellness). They are known for their proprietary microchip array technology, antibody testing, and competitive prices. Flagship tests include the Wheat Zoomer, Gut Zoomer, Total Tox bundle, and Tickborne testing.

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Quality Control Process

Lab Company Information
3 - 5 days
Shipment Tracking
Provides Tracking Number
Does Not Provide Tracking Number
Avg. Sample Processing
14 days
Consultation Availability
CLIA Certified
CAP Accredited
ISO 15189
COLA Accredited
Order, track, and receive results from 30+ labs in one place.