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Our Philosophy

Would we send our friends and family here?

 While all our practitioners go through the vetting process described below, at the end of the day our final criteria is “would we send our best friend here?”.

Our goal is to connect patients with highly skilled and educated practitioners who not only get patients results, but who also have big hearts and enjoy getting to know their patients on a real level.

As engineers and scientists, we understand the value of research and science-based care, but we are also aware of how less-invasive healing modalities and lifestyle medications can impact health in ways that we might not be able to explain in a modern scientific way yet. We look for practitioners that breach these two worlds of thought and are truly ‘integrative’ of Eastern and Western medicine. We don’t include anyone in our network that we wouldn’t feel comfortable recommending to a friend or family member to.

Our Process

Assessing quality in an industry where there's a ton of confusion and not much regulation is no simple feat. That's why we paired with experts and industry leaders to develop the first trusted network of complementary care providers.

1. Certification & Licensing Check
2. Standardized Best Practices Interview
3. One-on-One Behavioral Interview with our Team
4. Patient & Colleague References and Interviews

Developed in conjunction with industry experts

Vetting Experts

Developed in conjunction with industry leaders.

Head acupuncturist for the Super Bowl-winning Philadelphia Eagles
Head Integrative Medicine provider at UPenn Medicine
Matt Skahill, M.S. L.Ac.
Certified Functional Medicine MD, Baylor College of Medicine, High Performance Coach
Dr. Riva Robinson, MD
Published author, nutrition and microbiome expert. Research fellow at MIT, scientific Advisory Board member of uBiome
Danielle Capalino, MSPH, RD, CDN

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