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Do you want to add your lab tests to the Rupa platform? There's a reason why Rupa is one of the fastest growing health-tech companies in the world, practitioners LOVE ordering all of their labs from a single platform. Come join our growing network of over 25+ labs and over 3,000+ lab tests and be a part of the future of lab testing. 🚀

Learn why practitioners LOVE ordering on Rupa.

Did you know that Rupa Health not only makes the ordering experience for practitioners SO MUCH better, but practitioners actually order more labs when they are on Rupa?

You know something is good when your staff says to you, don't stop using Rupa Health, or I will quit.
Brandy Zachary
Brandy Zachary
It has been really life-changing to have Rupa do all the legwork for my labs. I love you as a company!
Jennifer Simmons
Jennifer Simmons
Considering the multitude of tests I order, Rupa Health is the simplest experience I've had in 15 years of ordering functional lab tests!
Anne Easthope
Anne Easthope

Drastically reduce your operations & customer support costs.

Rupa’s dedicated customer support team handles new practitioner sign ups, billing issues, returns, refunds, order issues, superbills, patient support, general Q&A, and more. We are an extension of your team!

Reach over 30,000+ new practitioners.

Rupa Health puts your brand in front of a broad network of MDs, NDs, NPs, DOs, PAs, DCs, RDs, and nutritionists through our lab portal, live classes, podcast, newsletter, and social media.

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