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The telehealth solution for functional labs.


From beginning to end, we take care of the entire labwork experience.

For You

One Portal for Ordering
In just a few clicks, order from multiple lab companies in one place with Rupa’s Unified HIPAA Compliant Lab Ordering Portal.
We Fill Out Requisitions
No more filling out detailed requisitions for each test. Simply enter a patient’s email address, and we handle the rest.
Tracking & Results in One Place
Quickly determine a patient’s lab status at a glance. Receive PDFs of all results in the same portal.
Smart Notifications
We make patient follow-up simple. We notify you when all of a patient’s test results are in so you can schedule a follow-up appointment.

For Your Patients

Seamless Payment
One invoice for all labs, paid online, upfront. We also allow patients to pay for their tests using HSA & FSA cards.
Drop Shipped Kits
Tests shipped directly to patients home. No more in office inventory for you & no more carrying around kits for the patient.
Patient Support
Patients have email and chat support with 24 hour turnaround with a real human on our team for everything from collection instructions to day-of urgent support. No bots 🤖, ever.
Improved Follow Through
Notifications to nudge completion of test and scheduling of follow-up appointment.

Types of clinics we work with:

Solo Practitioners & Micro Clinics
Even small clinics save hours of admin time every week.
Full or Partial Telemedicine Practitioners
We drop ship kits to your patients, and keep you updated at every step.
Cash Pay Practices
You or your patients can pay for tests using credit cards, HSA / FSA cards, and bank transfers.
Integrative & Functional Clinics
Rupa is free no matter how many tests you order.

we are not a good fit if:

You only order from Quest & LabCorp
You don’t order from any specialty functional labs.
You are not legally allowed to order labwork in your state
Lab work isn't in your scope of practice: health coach, etc.
Your patients are solely in NJ, NY, RI
We don’t operate for patients in those three states due to laboratory billing regulation.
Insurance billing for lab work is a must-have
We do some insurance billing, but are primarily cash pay.

How it works

Order labs in 2 minutes or less.

Select labwork
Use one portal to order multiple tests from different lab companies. Search and select in seconds.
Send to patient in one click
Add as many tests as you want to a shopping cart, enter the patient’s email address, and that’s it!
Sit back - we do the rest!
The kits are drop shipped directly to your patients from the labs. A real human takes care of patient support and handles any issues with the lab companies. We send you a notification when all tests are in.


Rupa is Free for Practitioners.

Your patients get discounted wholesale prices plus a 7% service fee, so they’re getting the best prices on labs.
Your practice and your patients will thank you. 🙏
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Get precious time back to do the work you love.

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