Track your client’s lab results over time for a complete view of their health journey.

Unlimited past results, at-a-glance.
Visualize all your client's lab results over time, including basic blood work, hormone levels, and more. This clean, comprehensive view helps you track changes and trends.
Import labs that weren't ordered through Rupa.
Simply drag and drop your lab result PDFs that weren't ordered through Rupa. We'll instantly scan them, pulling out all the biomarker values and reference ranges. All that's left to do is check over the extracted information!
Visualized for you.
Optionally set and customize Optimal Ranges to quickly spot markers that stray from the ideal. See each marker grouped by its body system, and use filters to zero in on those that are out of range.
All in the Patient Portal.
Coming Soon
Trends is practitioner-only for now, but not for long! Soon, clients will be able to upload their past lab results themselves, making it easier to share their health history with you.
Video Walkthrough
How much does Trends cost?

Trends is 100% free for both you and your clients to use!

Which labs are supported?

Without having to do anything, Trends works automatically for Rupa orders containing biomarkers from:

Blood labs:

  • Access Medical Labs
  • Access Medical Labs (Drawn at Labcorp)
  • Boston Heart

And hormone markers from:

  • ZRT
  • Doctor's Data

You can optionally import results from any other lab company into Trends! Please reach out if we don't have a specific biomarker cataloged that you need!

How many collection data points are supported?

There are an unlimited number of sample collection data points supported in the table! When you open up a marker's details, we'll show the 5 most recent data points on the graph.

Do my clients have access?

Right now, Trends is only accessible by practitioners. However, it's coming soon to the Patient Portal!

Can I download a PDF?

Not yet, but we have a temporary workaround! Shown here: