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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer the most common questions we get from practitioners, including how we work, pricing, the patient experience, and more.

See How Your Patients Experience Rupa

Our goal is to support you from when you submit an order, all the way to when results are in. Here’s what goes on behind the scenes, so you know your patient is taken care of.

How to Order Basic Blood Labs

Add markers to your patient’s order, and they’ll automatically be grouped together in a panel.

How We Guide Patients on Blood Draws

See what we share with your patients when their order contains a kit that requires a blood draw.

How to use Rupa to Create Custom Bundles

Create, save, and name any lab test bundle of your choosing from multiple lab providers for easy one-click ordering!

What labs can I order from?

We put together a table to help you figure out which labs you can order from!

Free Live Classes

Register free for our upcoming live courses, or watch previous ones in the Class Catalog.

Lab Shipping & Turnaround Times

Up to date information from our partner labs.

How To Use Rupa with Your In-Office Kits

Rupa handles orders for kits that you hand to patients in-person. We'll still take care of the payment, requisition forms, instructions and follow-ups for your patients.

Join the Waitlist: Get Your Lab Requisitions Signed by an MD

Soon, Rupa will have the ability for you to get all lab requisitions signed by an ordering doctor. You’ll be able to order tests from any of our 20+ lab companies, regardless of your state or license restrictions.

Seamlessly Explain Rupa to Your Patients

We made marketing resources to let you seamlessly explain Rupa with your patients.

Lab Test Comparisons

We know how important it is for you to choose the right test for your patients! We put together these resources to help you choose the best options.

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