How We Guide Patients on Blood Draws

After you place an order with a blood draw requirement, Rupa sends your patients custom instructions with their phlebotomy options.
Key things to know
Your patient gets a kit in the mail and they'll need to take it to a phlebotomist.
There's usually an additional fee involved.
We send your patients instructions in the cheat sheets. Read more below.
Here's what your patient sees — Local Phlebotomy Options

Local Phlebotomists

We send your patients local phlebotomy options who can draw for their kits.

Your patient receives a kit that they’ll need to bring to the blood draw.
There’s usually an additional cost that is paid directly to the phlebotomist.

Rupa Phlebotomy Network

Find phlebotomists through Rupa's Searchable Phlebotomy Database.

Use our searchable map to find mobile and in-person phlebotomists in your patients’ geographic area. Our phlebotomy team also uses this map to send your patients phlebotomy options in their area via e-mail after you place an order.
Find local phlebotomists for your patients

Preferred Phlebotomists

Have specific phlebotomists you want your patients to see, or work with a phlebotomist in-house?

You can set these preferred phlebotomists as the default on your patient's instructions page- by adjusting your settings.
Here's what your patient sees — Preferred Phlebotomist