How We Guide Patients on Blood Draws

After you place an order with a blood draw requirement, Rupa sends your patients custom instructions with their phlebotomy options.
Key things to know
Your patient gets a kit in the mail and they'll need to take it to a phlebotomist.
There's usually an additional fee involved.
We send your patients instructions in the cheat sheets. Read more below.
Here's what your patient sees — Local Phlebotomy Options

Local Phlebotomists

We send your patients local phlebotomy options who can draw for their kits.

Your patient receives a kit that they’ll need to bring to the blood draw.
There’s usually an additional cost that is paid directly to the phlebotomist.

Mobile Phlebotomists

Patients can choose to get blood draws in the comfort of their home.

We have partnered with Axle Health to offer a fully integrated mobile phlebotomy service in 17 metro areas. Patients can pay for and schedule mobile blood draws during checkout.
$80 Optional mobile draw option in checkout
Here's what your patient sees

Rupa Phlebotomy Network

Find phlebotomists through Rupa's Searchable Phlebotomy Database.

Use our searchable map to find mobile and in-person phlebotomists in your patients’ geographic area. Our phlebotomy team also uses this map to send your patients phlebotomy options in their area via e-mail after you place an order.
Find local phlebotomists for your patients

Preferred Phlebotomists

Have specific phlebotomists you want your patients to see, or work with a phlebotomist in-house?

You can set these preferred phlebotomists as the default on your patient's instructions page- by adjusting your settings.
Here's what your patient sees — Preferred Phlebotomist


What kind of phlebotomists are in your directory? 

Rupa is not contracted with any one particular phlebotomy service, but we do have a national phlebotomy directory that we’ve created to make finding blood draws easy for you and your patients. When you order a test requiring a blood draw, we’ll automatically send your patient local phlebotomy options based on their zip code. This can include both mobile phlebotomists and walk-in labs. Each of these phlebotomists has been personally vetted by our team to make sure they draw for the kinds of speciality tests we offer. We also gather other important information to send to your patients such as: the potential cost, hours of operation, contact info, how to schedule an appointment and if they ship kits back to the lab.

If you want to search our directory, you can do so here!

Where do patients see the list of recommended phlebotomists? How can I see this email?

If you’ve ordered testing that requires a blood draw, we automatically send your patient local phlebotomy options based on their zip code. Here’s a live example of our personalized instructions email, with Step 3 listing our phlebotomy recommendations.

If you ever want to view the exact instructions e-mail we sent to your patient, simply click on “Order Details” next to your patient in the dashboard after you’ve placed the order. From there, you can find your patient’s “cheat sheets and instructions” email under Order Events!

Will Rupa schedule my patient's blood draw? 

Our instructions e-mail will give your patient all the necessary contact info for your patient to schedule their appointment, including the phone number and website. Our team is always happy to answer questions about the phlebotomy process, but your patient makes the appointment directly with the provider.

If I order multiple test kits that require a blood draw, how does that work?

Each test kit will be shipped from the individual lab company (see average shipping and turnaround times by lab here). In your patient’s instructions, they will know to bring all test kit(s) with them to the phlebotomist. There is no need to schedule separate appointments for multiple test kits.

Is phlebotomy an additional cost? 

Phlebotomy is an additional cost set by each individual company and we always try to include this information in our recommendation list. Phlebotomy pricing can vary depending on different factors: location, number of kits being drawn, zip code for mobile services, etc. A general range is $25-50 for a walk-in lab and $60+ for a mobile phlebotomist.

We also offer BioReference Lab in our catalog, which has an exclusive mobile phlebotomy service that is only $25 and billed directly to your patient by Rupa. You can read more about BioReference here.

What if my patient needs more options other than the phlebotomists you sent?

Our team is happy to help research other options! Your patient can reply to any of the e-mails we send or reach us directly at .

How does my patient’s kit get back to the lab?

Most phlebotomists will take care of shipping the kit back to the lab with the necessary carrier. There are exceptions, such as some hospital labs, where your patient will need to drop the kit off with the carrier. All return packaging is included with pre-paid labels and clear mailing instructions.

What kinds of collection materials are included in the kit?

Kits that require a blood draw will come with all the necessary materials to collect your patient’s sample and get it safely back to the lab. This includes: blood tubes, biohazard bags, cold packs, draw instructions for the phlebotomist, etc. The kit does not include standard phlebotomy equipment to perform the blood collection, such as needle, gauze, centrifuge, etc. which will be provided by the blood draw site.

What if I have a hybrid practice but want to set a preferred phlebotomist for my local patients?

If you see both local and telehealth patients and want to set a preferred phlebotomist you can continue to do so with Rupa! Simply add your preferred phlebotomist in your Clinic Settings and if your patient lives within a 25 mile radius of this location, we will automatically send them this option. If your patient does not live locally, our instructions e-mail will automatically include closer phlebotomists from our directory.

If I add a preferred phlebotomist, will they now be entered into your public Rupa directory?

We are always happy to add new phlebotomy providers to our directory but your preferred phlebotomist will only be shown to your patients. If you’re interested in growing your phlebotomy business and accepting new patients, you can sign-up here.