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Instant Requisitions
September 16, 2020

With the world opening up a little bit, patients starting to come in for in-person visits, and shipping just being somewhat unreliable right now -- we have some BIG news to share!

We’re excited to announce Instant Requisitions are now a part of the Rupa experience! Currently, you can create Instant Requisitions with two labs: US Biotek and BostonHeart.

This means you can use Rupa for kits that you hand to patients in-person! With just a few clicks, you’ll get a completed requisition that you can print out and hand to a patient immediately. And we’ll be there to do all the follow up, education, and results tracking.
(p.s. We’re going to be adding more labs very soon!)

What is an Instant Requisition?

You can now place orders through Rupa for kits that you already have at your office. We still handle payment, and create a filled-out requisition form instantaneously.

Important things to know:

  • You can use instant reqs whether the patient pays or you pay for the testing
  • You can include kits that you want Rupa to drop-ship (non Instant Requisition) in the same order!
  • Instant Requisitions work for both blood draw kits and at-home kits for these two labs
  • We can ship kits to your office to use with Instant Requisitions -  just message us in the portal
  • You’ll need to print these Instant Requisitions to hand to the patient with the kit (or ship out if it’s an in-house blood draw!)

How to create Instant Requisitions

Create Instant Requisitions - Practitioner Pay

Create Instant Requisitions - Patient Pay

If you have any questions, thoughts, or feedback, we would love to hear it! Are there other labs you want Instant Requisitions for? Let us know here!

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