How Pricing & Payment Works

No setup fee. No subscription.

Your patients get practitioner wholesale prices plus a 7% service fee that includes all of our patient and administrative support.

Orders can be sent directly to your patient for online payment, or your practice can pay up-front and charge patients separately.

How does payment work?

Tests are always paid before kits are shipped out. We’ve found this helps with patient compliance. 😁

Patient Pays Rupa Directly

Most practitioners choose to use this option, and it’s the default when placing an order.
You Place the Order in Rupa’s Portal
Your Patient Receives an Invoice From Rupa & Pays
Kits Are Drop-Shipped From Our Partner Labs to Your Patient

Payment Methods

Patients have the option to pay using:
3-Month Payment Plan

Clinic Pays Upfront & Charges Patient Separately

Practitioners typically choose this option if they charge the patient for the test + interpretation fee together.
You Place the Order in Rupa’s Portal & Pay Up-Front
Kits Are Drop-Shipped From Our Partner Labs to Your Patient
You Charge your Patient

It's as easy as checking a box.

Enter your credit card or bank information once and we'll keep it on file.

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Pricing FAQ

How does Rupa Health’s pricing work?

Test pricing is the same whether you or your patient pays for the order. We always give patients the practitioner wholesale price for lab tests, along with a 7% ordering fee (which helps Rupa cover our costs!). Most of the time, this still comes out to less than what a patient would pay the lab directly. You can check out our pricing in our catalog here.

As a practitioner, can I pay for the test myself and charge my patients separately?

Yes, you can choose to pay for tests yourself at checkout. Your patients will still get an email about the order, but the email will not include any of the billing details. You can then charge your patients separately, allowing you to include the interpretation or follow-up fees if you wish.

As a practitioner, can I add a margin to lab tests?

Our goal at Rupa is to help keep you compliant in your practice. Because of this, Rupa doesn’t allow you to add a margin to your testing as mark-ups are against the law in many states. If your practice runs off of a membership or bundled pricing models, you can use practitioner-pay and charge your patients separately. This would allow you to include the interpretation fee or follow-up appointment costs.

What payment options do you offer for patients?

We’re excited to announce we now support multiple payment options for patients in need! Patients can pay for their lab testing using the following methods:

  • Credit or Debit
  • Flexible Savings Accounts (FSA)
  • Health Spending Accounts (HSA)
  • 3-Month Payment Plans for patients in need
Do you accept insurance?

Right now, Rupa is cash-pay only for all lab tests except stool tests from Diagnostic Solutions; for which you can order through Medicare.

Do you help patients navigate insurance reimbursement?

For cash-pay labs, we allow patients to pay for their order using HSA, FSA, or payment plans. Patients can decide on their own if they wish to pursue insurance coverage retroactively. We don’t create Superbills for patients, but we have built a downloadable PDF guide to help your patients create Superbills on their own.

What is your return policy for kits?

We accept returns for most lab tests within 30 days of payment. Please see our return policy for more details.