What happens when you submit an order?

See How Your Patients Experience Rupa

Our goal is to support you from when you submit an order, all the way to when results are in. Here’s what goes on behind the scenes, so you know your patient is taken care of.

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Patient Experience Timeline

When you place the order

Your patient gets an email from us.

We introduce ourselves as an extension of your team, that is here to help with everything lab test-related. Patients have the option to pay using Credit, Debit, HSA, FSA, or a 3-Month Payment Plan.

Patient's Payment Page
Patient's Payment Page
Patient's Payment Page

After patients fill out their info

We give your patient access to their Patient Portal, with personalized instructions.

If you gave us special instructions when you placed the order, those will be included.

Within 24 hours of receiving your patient's info

We notify your patient when their order has been shipped.

Tests are drop-shipped directly to the patient to an address they choose. They're able to track the status of their orders in a secure Patient Portal.

See shipping times per lab
Here's what your patient sees — Local Phlebotomy Options

Local Phlebotomists

We send your patients local phlebotomy options who can draw for their kits.

Your patient receives a kit that they’ll need to bring to the blood draw.
There’s usually an additional cost that is paid directly to the phlebotomist.

Mobile Phlebotomists

Patients can choose to get blood draws in the comfort of their home.

We have partnered with Axle Health to offer a fully integrated mobile phlebotomy service in 17 metro areas. Patients can pay for and schedule mobile blood draws during checkout.
$80 Optional mobile draw option in checkout
Here's what your patient sees

Rupa Phlebotomy Network

Find phlebotomists through Rupa's Searchable Phlebotomy Database.

Use our searchable map to find mobile and in-person phlebotomists in your patients’ geographic area. Our phlebotomy team also uses this map to send your patients phlebotomy options in their area via e-mail after you place an order.
Find local phlebotomists for your patients

Preferred Phlebotomists

Have specific phlebotomists you want your patients to see, or work with a phlebotomist in-house?

You can set these preferred phlebotomists as the default on your patient's instructions page- by adjusting your settings.
Here's what your patient sees — Preferred Phlebotomist

Sample Requisitions

We help your patient fill out their pre-signed requisitions.

We send your patient sample requisition forms with step-by-step instructions, no action needed from you.

See all our sample requisition forms

When results are in

You’re notified via email.

Results come into the Rupa Health portal, where you can then mark them as reviewed or schedule a clinical consult with the lab.

We don't send results directly to your patient unless you choose to automatically do so. Don't worry though, if you forget, results will still be made available in the Patient Portal automatically after 30 days.

Results for testing via Physician Services will be released to you and your patient at the same time.


If your patient has questions along the way, we guide them to the right resources.

Patients can access our resource library or securely chat live with one of our patient support teammates!

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