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Text Patients Their Orders
November 10, 2020
Texting patients their orders leads to higher conversion & shortens the lab testing cycle📱

We know how important it is for you to streamline the process of lab testing. We can now send your patients their orders via text, in addition to email.

Texting orders can lead to 15% higher conversion for patients who might not have gone through with their lab order. Texted orders also get patients to move forward faster, allowing you to get results in faster, and shorten the lab testing cycle. ⚡️

How Texting Works

You’ll enter your patient’s phone number when you’re placing the order, not when you create the patient.

  • Make sure you enter a number that is text-able (ie. not a landline)

You can choose to send the order through email + text, or just email.

  • If a patient isn’t a good fit for texting, no problem! You can switch to just sending them an email.

The first text Rupa sends your patient is a quick consent message.

  • We do this to protect your patients' privacy, since the order link contains sensitive information

We only text your patient once for their original order.

  • We won’t spam your patient or send them marketing content, ever.
  • Reminder messages will only go to patients' email.
  • The shipping update, cheat sheets and check-in will still be sent via email

Patients should still email Rupa for support. We don't yet offer support over text.

More Recent Updates

DHA Laboratory: New on Rupa
November 16, 2022

Rupa is so excited to welcome DHA Laboratory as our latest lab partner. 

DHA Laboratory focuses on the understanding and treatment of mental and emotional conditions. Their kryptopyrrole quantitative urine analysis and functional blood chemistry tests have been used to treat over 80,000 patients with a variety of conditions, including anxiety, depression, and neurodegenerative disease. They are on a mission to provide evidence-based laboratory testing to patients and practitioners everywhere.

On Rupa, we make lab ordering easy. It’s free to sign up, and takes no more than 60 seconds to place your first order. All of your results, from all of your lab companies, appear in one place. We’ll also handle all your patient & lab logistics, issues, and questions.

Get started here! Order DHA Laboratory on Rupa.

In-Office Kits for Access Med Labs!
November 14, 2022

Introducing In-office Kits for Access Medical Labs

With the transition back to in-person visits, we recognize the need for in-office blood draws and for handing out kits.

Great news - you can now stock Access Medical Labs kits in your office for basic blood work through Rupa! 

With this offering you can:

  • Bulk order kits and supplies from Access straight through Rupa
  • Generate instant requisitions to complete blood draws on the spot
  • Ship the sample to Access via UPS on the same day!

As a reminder - we offer in-office kits for these labs:

  • Access (New!)
  • BostonHeart
  • Alletess
  • Diagnostic Solutions
  • Precision Analytical
  • US Biotek
Order Details Page for Patients
November 11, 2022

Introducing our Order Details page for patients

We’ve designed the Order Details page as a tool to reduce admin burden on your practice. No more fielding questions from patients about orders!

Patients now receive a link to a login page where they can

  • View the status of their order
  • Download receipts and superbills
  • View their results (after you release them)

How does it work?

After you place an order and the patient completes payment, the patient receives an email with a link to their Order Details page. They can access that page by entering their last name and date of birth - no need to create an account! Once on the details page, they can view the status of their order, and download receipts, requisitions, superbills and results as the order progresses.

Physician Services
October 27, 2022

Introducing Rupa Physician Services

With Rupa Physician Services, your clients can get testing from 3000+ lab tests through a signing physician. You can recommend testing, be a part of your client's journey, and stay in the loop with all order updates & results via your Rupa portal.

Who is it for?

  • Practitioners whose out of state* clients want to order lab testing.
  • Health & Wellness Practitioners who see clients for lifestyle support, but cannot order lab testing.
  • And a number of other cases! Apply to see if this is a fit for your practice. 

How does it work?

  • There is a 1-time Application Process to add Physician Services to your Rupa account
  • Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis 
  • You can choose to use Physician Services each time you start an order. You can always defer to your own existing order access.

Physician Services is designed to add value to your client's health journey and help them live their healthiest lives. We're so excited to be able to offer your practice this service.

Ready? Apply here.

Downloadable, Pre-Filled Superbills for Patients
September 21, 2022

Rupa Health is on a mission to make lab testing more affordable and accessible. To help get there, we’ve made submitting claims to insurance that much easier for your patients.

We’re excited to announce that patients will now receive a pre-filled Superbill for every patient pay order!

While creating an order, you can select ICD-10 diagnosis code(s) that will then appear in the Superbill provided to your patient. This way your patient will no longer have to reach out to you to obtain these codes!

What will your patient see?

Once an order is fully paid, patients will be able to download an itemized receipt and corresponding Superbill. Patients will also always have access to a blank Superbill template and instructions to complete it.

Example Superbill!

A Superbill is an itemized receipt of services a patient can submit to insurance after payment and services have been performed. The Superbill provided to patients is intended for reference only. Nothing in this document is intended to serve as reimbursement advice, a guarantee of coverage, or a guarantee of payment for lab testing. Patients should refer to their applicable payer policies for more specific guidance; all coverage decisions are up to the insurance provider.

View Your Lab Ordering Access
August 24, 2022

On Rupa, we provide our practitioners with access to 30+ unique lab companies! Lab ordering access is determined by each individual lab company according to your state and license. Now, you can easily view which labs you have access to directly within your Rupa portal. If you work in a clinic with multiple practitioners, you can also view the ordering access for each practitioner.

Even better, you can view the health categories and specialties each lab is best known for.

Take a look at your ordering access, and see which of our 30+ labs you can start ordering from today!

Commonwealth Diagnostics: Rupa's Newest Lab Partner!
August 18, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that Commonwealth Diagnostics International, Inc. (CDI) is our newest lab partner on Rupa! 

CDI is a CLIA-certified laboratory that helps providers identify and diagnose common sources of digestive distress and functional gastrointestinal ailments. CDI’s at-home breath test kits for SIBO, IMO, and carbohydrate malabsorption expedite treatment plans with precise and timely results from experienced lab staff. Their diagnostic products and solutions support meaningful GI health outcomes and are quick, easy to use, and safe for patients. Welcome, CDI!

On Rupa, it takes 2-3 clicks and no more than 60 seconds to place an order. And even better? All of your results, from all of your lab companies, appear in one place. We’ll also handle all your patient & lab logistics, issues, and questions.

Get started here! Order Commonwealth Diagnostics International on Rupa.

Lab Test Comparisons
July 20, 2022

To help you choose the best test for your patients, we’ve built lab test comparisons!

Select any lab tests to compare up to 18 key characteristics between them. Discover your new favorite tests by comparing things like:  

  • Pricing & any additional fees
  • Sample Type
  • Methods used for processing
  • Sample Report
  • Shipping time & carrier
  • Sample collection prep time
  • Consult Availability
  • Certifications
  • Biomarkers

And many more!

You also have the ability to copy & share a link to your comparisons to anyone inside or outside of Rupa!

Check out these example comparisons, and be sure to let us know what you think!

Include your own fees in lab orders on Rupa! (Think: Lab interpretation, follow-up visit, phlebotomy fees, and more!)
July 19, 2022

Here at Rupa, our goal is to streamline your clinic’s workflow so you can focus on what matters: patient care. We’ve launched a new feature that will allow you to streamline your billing process.

You can now add your own fee directly to lab orders through Rupa! You can include things like your interpretation fee, follow-up appointment, phlebotomy fee or more, and Rupa will pay you out.

Step 1: Connect your Stripe account & set your default name and amount (you'll be able to edit this per order!)

Step 2: Your patient pays Rupa for the testing + your fee all at once. You’re paid out once your patient’s results are in!

Turn this on in settings today!

See a breakdown of your ordered tests from the Dashboard
July 8, 2022

Now, you can see a breakdown of your ordered tests within the order, right from your patient dashboard! Without needing to click through pages, quickly:

  • View Sample Statuses
  • Schedule Consults
  • Download Results
  • And more!

To view all patient orders and Order Events, simply click Order Details.

Stay tuned for more improvements coming soon!

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