Seamlessly Explain Rupa to Your Patients

We know how important it is for you to set expectations with your patients and look professional. That's why we made these marketing resources to let you seamlessly explain Rupa with your patients.
Practitioners typically share Rupa in the following ways:

Share Rupa on Your Practice Website

Launch Rupa to Your Patient Community

Exciting news! We are now partnering with Rupa Health to make your labwork experience more convenient and streamlined. Anytime we order lab testing you'll now receive an email from Rupa with all the instructions you need to complete testing. Their knowledgeable team is happy to answer any of your questions around labwork including:

• Lab test instructions
• How to complete the lab's requisition form
• Shipping & Tracking
• Finding a blood draw location
• Handling any issues along the way
• Submitting a Superbill

You can respond to any of the emails they send or e-mail their team directly at There are no chatbots at Rupa and you will be quickly helped by a real human from their team. Check out what to expect in the process here!

Share Rupa in Your Office