How to use Rupa to

Create Custom Bundles

Create, save, and name any lab test bundle of your choosing from multiple lab providers for easy one-click ordering! Great for practitioners who order the same tests over and over!

Bundle together any lab tests from 20+ specialty lab companies and access whenever you need. Blood panels included.
Create a hormonal lab testing bundle, a gut health bundle, or even a sports recovery bundle. It’s up to you!

Bundle Library

Browse example bundles from our collection. You can add them directly to your favorites for one-click ordering.
Visit the Bundle Library

How it Works

Start an Order to Begin

After you select a patient, you’ll have the option to create a custom bundle.

Select Your Tests and Name Your Bundle

Once in the bundle builder screen, you can select tests from either your favorites or our catalog to create the bundle. Don’t forget to name your bundle, too! Click create bundle.

You’re Ready for 1-Click Ordering

Once you save your bundle, it’s available in your favorites menu for easy 1-click ordering whenever you need it!

Edit or Delete Your Bundle

If you ever need to change or delete your bundle, we’ve got you covered. Simply click the info button on the bundle from your favorites and select edit or delete.