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How to use Rupa with your

In-Office Kits

Good news! Rupa can now handle orders for kits that you hand to patients in-person. We'll still take care of the payment, requisition forms, instructions and follow-ups for your patients. We're currently offering this for Access Medical Labs, DUTCH, Diagnostic Solutions, Alletess, US Biotek, and Boston Heart kits.

Pilot Feature

Turn on In-Office Kits for BostonHeart

It takes 2 business days to set your account up for In-Office Kits. We'll message you in the portal when it's ready!

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How It Works


Enable In-Office Kits in Settings

You can show the in-office delivery method for the supporting labs by turning it on in settings under profile.


Order Kits on Rupa to Stock In-Office

In your Rupa Settings, you'll see an In-Office kits order request form. Let us know which kit you'd like sent to your clinic or home address, and we'll get those ordered for you! 

*Kits must be ordered through Rupa to ensure we can get you the correct Requisition


Place the Order Through Rupa

Once you have the kit and are ready to hand it to a patient, place the order through Rupa, and make sure to select In-Office Kit. You can choose to either pay for the order, or send it to your patient to pay.


Fill in Your Patient’s Requisition Information

If you're paying for the order, you'll need to fill in the patient's information for the requisition. If your patient is paying for the order, they'll fill in this information along with their payment.


Print the Requisition and Hand It to Your Patient

The requisition form will become available to download from the patient order status page.


Practitioner Pay

Patient Pay

Which other labs would you want to use In-Office Kits with?

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