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Here’s How It Works

Easily order supplies to your clinic in just a few clicks. When you’re ready to use a kit, activate by placing the order on Rupa.

Turn on In-Office Kits in Settings

Turn on In-Office Kits for your entire clinic in Settings. This will unlock a new tab, where anyone in your clinic can order & track supplies.
Clinics must have access to order from the lab company

Order supplies for free to your clinic through Rupa

Order all your supplies from standard kits and extra tubes, to bandaids and gauze, directly through Rupa, at no cost to you. Re-orders are easy in just a few clicks.

For each patient, activate your kit by placing the order on Rupa

When you’re ready to use a kit on a patient, activate your kit by placing the order on Rupa. Be sure to select In-Office Delivery method in checkout.
This step is crucial to keep your results safe!

Pre-filled requisitions, ready to print

You only need to fill out patient demographic information once, and we’ll handle the rest. Print your pre-filled requisition to include in the kit and ship back to the lab.

Labs We Offer Currently

Diagnostic Solutions
Genova Diagnostics
Precision Analytical (DUTCH)
Access Med Labs
Mosaic Diagnostics (formerly Great Plains)
Access Labcorp Draw
Doctor's Data
US BioTek
Boston Heart Diagnostics
Alletess Medical Laboratory
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use kits I already have in my office?

We do require all test kits to be ordered through Rupa in order to make sure we can connect your results to your account. If you have kits in stock already that you’d like to use, message our team and we can see if we can do it! It varies on a lab by lab basis. 🙏

How do I know what Phlebotomy Supplies I need?

We’re so glad you asked! Check out this Getting Set Up with Phlebotomy Resource for everything you need to draw in your clinic, including specific lab instructions, tips on shipping samples, and more! If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. 🤩

How do I “Activate” a kit?

When you’re ready to use a kit on a patient or ship a sample back to the lab, you must activate your kit by placing the order on Rupa — you have two ways to do this! From the "Inventory Tab" or by Starting a New Order.

follow these steps:
   - Start an Order, or click "Activate Kit" on your inventory tab.
   - Select the test you are using.
   - Make sure “In-Office Kit” Delivery Method is selected once it’s in the cart. This tells us not to ship a kit! 

In most cases, a pre-filled digital requisition will be available to download & print. For Genova and Mosaic, there is only digital activation.

Learn more about managing your inventory & activating kits, here.

Can I stock any lab in the office?

We currently offer in-office kits & supplies for Genova, Mosaic Diagnostics, Doctor's Data, Access Medical Labs, Dutch, Diagnostic Solutions, US Biotek, Alletess and Boston Heart, but we’re eager to add more! Let us know which you’d like to see next, here.

What happens if I don’t activate the kit by placing the order on Rupa?

Oh no… we risk never receiving your results! We’ll do our best to match them in this case, but we can’t guarantee results will be tied to your account. If this happens, don’t worry! Just message our team and we’ll get the order set up for you.

As a reminder, Genova and Mosaic have a digital activation process. We handle this for you when you place the order on Rupa!

Why can’t I use Physician Services with In-Office Kits?

Orders placed using Physician Services require a signing physician to review & approve the order, which means we can’t generate a Requisition instantly for you. When using kits in the office, we want to get you your requisition instantly!

Is there a cost to order supplies through Rupa?

Nope! There is no cost to ordering any supplies on Rupa. 🥳

How does payment work with In-Office Kits?

When placing an order for a patient on Rupa, you can use either practitioner-pay or patient pay. Please note — if using patient-pay, the patient must pay for the order during the appointment (usually via their phone) in order to release the requisition.

Note: Genova and Mosaic are currently only available for Practitioner-Pay. Want to use patient-pay? Let us know! 

How do I ship samples to the lab?

You can drop off samples at any approved carrier using the provided shipping materials from the lab included inside the kit! We recommend dropping off samples Monday-Thursday, so samples don’t sit over the weekend. Access does offer Saturday Shipping Labels that you can request through your In Office Kit supplies. If you have an approved carrier account already, you can coordinate pick ups as well. Check out which labs are using which carriers, here

If you'd like to get set up with a UPS Pick Up for your Access Medical supplies, just reach out to our team (support@rupahealth.com, or your chat button!).

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