Simplify lab testing for everyone in your clinic.

Lab testing, patient support and lab education in one simple solution, at no cost.

Order, track, and receive results for 30+ labs in one place for everyone.

Everything in one place for everyone
Order and manage lab tests & results from 30+ labs in one dashboard across the clinic.
Extensive lab catalog
Easily search, compare and pick from 3,000+ lab tests covering everything from basic bloodwork to hormones, GI, & more.
Flexible payment & billing
Pick from multiple payment (credit, debit, HSA, FSA, 3-months payment plans) and billing options (patient pay, practitioner pay and custom fees).
In-person & Telehealth Patients
Order labs and phlebotomy for both in-person and telehealth patients. Easily stock in-office lab supplies or drop-ship kits to your patients.
EHR integration
Seamlessly manage your lab orders with our EHR integration. Submit lab orders and receive results within your EHR workflow.
Custom lab bundles
Create & save any lab test bundle of your choosing from multiple lab providers, and use them whenever you need with one easy click.
Save 15+ hours a week per practitioner

Think of us as an extension of your care team.

Our knowledgable patient support team is ready to assist you and your patients in all aspects of lab ordering.
Testing instructions
Collection issues
Requisition forms
Finding phlebotomists
Shipment tracking
Specimen issues
... and more!
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Go beyond lab ordering with these powerful tools.

Results Summaries
Quickly put together key insights from your patient’s lab tests and share simplified, actionable plans with our result summaries.
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Transaction Reports
Easily view order and billing history. You can download the information directly from Rupa.
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Flexible Notifications
Customize notifications for your clinic to fit your needs and assign the right contact to manage emails, updates and questions.
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Scale your practice with less work.

Bring your care to more patients with these modern tools.

Rupa is free for practitioners.

No membership. No subscription. Your patients get discounted wholesale prices plus a 7% service fee.
Orders can be sent directly to your patient for online payment, or your practice can pay up-front and charge patients separately.

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