Blood Lab Dashboards

Elevate your client experience with beautiful and understandable blood lab results. Automatically.

Rupa Health Blood Lab Dashboards
Elevate your client experience.
Offer beautifully presented results automatically. Clients can easily filter by body system and spot out-of-range values at a glance.
Use Rupa preset optimal ranges or customize your own!
Optimal ranges pinpoint the ideal level of a specific biomarker for peak health. They offer a more nuanced view of your well-being, beyond just a “normal” or “abnormal” label.

Unlike “normal” lab ranges, which just rule out disease, optimal ranges are narrower and grounded in research and clinical experience. See Our Preset Ranges.
And because we know your clinics have differing specialties, we've made these ranges fully customizable.
Descriptions for humans.
Your clients can discover what each blood lab marker means with our straightforward and understandable descriptions. If their results are above or below the normal range, we provide clear explanations and possible symptoms to watch for.
Entirely customizable.
Add your practice's logo, modify preset optimal ranges, and tailor custom descriptions for automatic, branded results.
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Pair Blood Lab Dashboards and LabShops together to give your program clients a beautiful and completely automatic experience around their blood results.
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How much does Blood Lab Dashboards cost?

Blood Lab Dashboards, along with all of its customization tools, is completely free! We believe everyone should easily be able to understand their results, so we're making this tool as accessible as possible.

How much do I need to customize?

No customization is necessary! By default, we have thousands of human-readable descriptions and preset optimal ranges. All you have to do is turn on Blood Lab Dashboards in Settings, and your clients will start benefitting from them immediately.

Which lab companies and tests are supported?

All basic blood markers from all our basic blood labs except for Vibrant America are supported.

Some of my clients are anxious about seeing potential root causes, can I hide the high and low descriptions and symptoms?

Yes! We know for some clients you'll want to turn these high or low descriptions off. On these dashboards the clients will simply see the visualizations, and general descriptions. You can turn this off by viewing the client's results, and turning Include High/Low Descriptions off.

Can I preview what my client sees?

Yes! You can see your client's Blood Lab Dashboard exactly as they'll see it by clicking the Preview link when you're reviewing their results.

Can my client access their original lab report?

Yes! At the top of every Blood Lab Dashboard there's a link to download the Original Lab report.

Can I save a PDF of the report?

Right now Blood Lab Dashboards are web-only. You can always download the original lab report PDF as normal, though! You can also create a Results Summary PDF.

Can I control when Blood Lab Dashboards are released to my clients?

Yes! The release follows the same workflow as regular results on Rupa.
If you have results set to manually be released, your clients will only get their dashboard when you manually release results.
If you release results automatically, then your clients will get their dashboard alognside their results automatically as they come in.