Optimal Ranges

Optimal ranges pinpoint the ideal level of a specific biomarker for peak health. They offer a more nuanced view of your well-being, beyond just a “normal” or “abnormal” label.

Unlike “normal” lab ranges, which just rule out disease, optimal ranges are narrower and grounded in research and clinical experience.

Our Optimal Range Preset Values

We know your clinics have differing specialties, so we've made these ranges fully customizable in settings.
Neutrophil Count
The descriptions and optimal ranges provided by Rupa Health are for informational purposes only. These ranges are developed through research and clinical experience to offer insight into overall well-being; these ranges are not personalized medical advice.

Your original lab report (the “Report”) is the official documentation of your results; please always refer back to the Report.

Rupa is not liable for any discrepancies between the Report and this visualization. Consult your healthcare provider for any health-related questions, decisions, or concerns. Rupa Health makes no warranty or representation with respect to the content, completeness, reliability, accuracy, or availability of these descriptions and optimal ranges.