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Dr. Carrie Jones
Dr. Kate Henry
April 9, 2024

Beat the Menopause Brain Fog

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In today's episode of The Root Cause Medicine Podcast, we shed light on how menopause impacts the brain and how to successfully navigate this transition with Dr. Lisa Mosconi. You’ll hear us discuss:

  • The impact of menopause on cognitive function and sleep

  • The lack of research on women's brain health during menopause

  • Brain fog during menopause

  • How to assess brain health in menopause

  • The Menopause Brain book

Dr. Lisa Mosconi is an Associate Professor in Neuroscience, specializing in Neurology and Radiology, at Weill Cornell Medicine. She also leads the Alzheimer's Prevention Program there and at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. Recognized as a leading neuroscientist, she has been among the top 1% in her field over the last 20 years. The Time named Dr. Mosconi one of the most influential living female scientists while ELLE International called her "the Mona Lisa of Neuroscience." She has published more than 150 peer-reviewed scientific articles and wrote "The Menopause Brain: New Science Empowers Women to Navigate the Pivotal Transition with Knowledge and Confidence."

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03:32 - Reframing menopause

07:28 - The full spectrum of menopause

13:08 - Brain changes during menopause

16:44 - Addressing the historical women's brain health research gaps

16:44 - How menopause influences Alzheimer's risk and cognitive health

28:30 - Brain fog in menopause

31:20 - How menopause affects your sleep

38:24 - Lifestyle choices during menopause

43:43 - Hormone therapy for perimenopausal women

51:37 - Where can you find Dr. Lisa Mosconi?

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