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Dr. Kate Henry
July 17, 2023

A Holistic Approach to Period Health with Dr. Saru Bala

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Dr. Saru Bala is an esteemed Naturopathic Doctor and visionary behind the Period Solutions Academy, which combines her expertise in Neurobiology with her naturopathic training to empower individuals in identifying and addressing the underlying causes of hormonal imbalances through holistic approaches. With a profound commitment to natural healing, Dr. Bala provides personalized 1:1 support, expert guidance, and customized action plans to guide individuals on their transformative journey towards optimal hormonal health.

In today's episode with Dr. Saru Bala, you’ll hear us take a deep dive on:

  1. The root cause of period problems

  2. Naturopathic solutions for PMS and period health

  3. The limitations of birth control in addressing period issues

  4. Lifestyle changes to help alleviate menstrual cramps

  5. How naturopathic medicine can restore hormonal balance and regulate menstrual flow

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Labs Mentioned

  • Iron panel
  • Blood testing
  • Full thyroid panel
  • CBC blood test
  • CMP blood test
  • Hormone testing
  • Insulin testing


03:10 -  What should women know about their period health?

05:21 -  Why isn't the birth control pill always the answer?

06:34 -  Menstrual cycle basics

08:22 -  The root cause of period problems

09:39 -  Naturopathic interventions to lower prostaglandins

10:04 -  The gut and period health link

10:42 -  Fixing your gut

12:17 -  Flushing out the excess estrogen

14:08 -  Testing for period issues

15:55 -  Insulin and period health

17:49 -  Understanding CBC and CMP

19:50 -  Overcoming heavy bleeding

21:06 -  Dr. Bala’s course

22:16 -  Dr. Bala’s personal story

23:37 -  Menopause until your late forties

25:02 -  Anna’s case study

30:04 -  Normalizing periods

32:13 -  Period tracking tools

33:48 -  Where can you find Dr. Saru Bala?

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