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Dr. Carrie Jones
Dr. Kate Henry
November 13, 2023

Break Free from PCOS: Dr. Felice Gersh’s Expert Strategies for Women to Manage Their Symptoms and Enhance Fertility

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In today's episode with Dr. Felice Gersh, you’ll hear us take a deep dive into:

  1. The impact of PCOS on women's health

  2. Diagnosing and treating PCOS

  3. The link between PCOS and leaky gut

  4. PCOS and pregnancy

  5. Lab tests and personalized treatment plans for PCOS

  6. PCOS and lifestyle

Dr. Gersh represents one of the pioneering integrative gynecologists in the US. Renowned for her educational contributions to women's hormonal health, she has earned praise as a best-selling author with her books, including "PCOS SOS," "PCOS SOS Fertility Fast Track," and "Menopause: 50 Things You Need to Know." Dr. Gersh serves as the Medical Director of the Integrative Medical Group of Irvine. Thanks to her exceptional work, she was awarded the Orange County Medical Association's "Physician of Excellence" and the "SuperDoctor" title by LA Magazine for multiple years. Moreover, Dr. Gersh will host the PCOS SOS Summit in November 2023 here.

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00:00 - Intro

03:34 - From PCOS patient to renowned expert and advocate

10:18 - Addressing the stagnation in PCOS management

15:24 - PCOS key symptoms and diagnostic criteria

23:34 - Dr. Gersh's diagnostic approach to PCOS and lab tests

37:02 - The role of fasting insulin levels in PCOS

46:30 - Lifestyle strategies for managing PCOS

54:51 - The PCOS SOS Summit and Dr. Gersh's books

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