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Dr. Carrie Jones
Dr. Kate Henry
July 9, 2024

Emotional and Mental Health in Menopause

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In today's episode of The Root Cause Medicine Podcast, we explore the often-overlooked importance of emotional health during the menopause transition with Dr. Paul Conti. You’ll hear us discuss:

  • How trauma often leads to shame and self-blame

  • The emotional and psychological changes during menopause

  • Building resilience through introspection and curiosity

  • The stigma surrounding mental health issues

  • The importance of seeking professional support and external feedback

Dr. Paul M. Conti, a Stanford University School of Medicine graduate, combines extensive clinical expertise with a holistic approach to psychiatry. With training from Stanford and Harvard, where he served as Chief Resident, Dr. Conti specializes in treating mental illness and life stressors, recognizing the pervasive impact of trauma on individuals and communities. Beyond clinical practice, he offers consulting services in personal, business, and legal contexts. Dr. Conti is also acclaimed for his book, "Trauma: The Invisible Epidemic," which distills his insights on healing from trauma, aiming to educate and empower a broader audience.

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03:50 - Emotional health in menopause

06:41 - Psychological impact of hormonal changes

08:16 - Defining emotional health

12:28 - What doesn't kill you doesn't always make you stronger

16:32 -      The importance of self-care and education

21:49 - The impact of Trauma on the brain

29:42 - The importance of curiosity in the healing process

33:55 - Shame as a reflex to trauma

38:31 - Addressing mental health stigma

41:43 - Practical steps for self-reflection

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