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Dr. Carrie Jones
Dr. Kate Henry
January 16, 2024

Energy, Hormones, and Health: A Deep Dive into Mitochondrial Function

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In today's episode with Dr. Molly Maloof, you’ll hear us take a deep dive into:

  1. Dr Maloof’s book “The Spark Factor” 

  2. The basics of mitochondria and how they help your body

  3. The necessity of active living

  4. How Mitochondria can help during Perimenopause

  5. Why we all need a healthier relationship with food

If you’ve ever had questions about Mitochondria, you’re in the right place! 

Join Dr. Carrie Jones and Dr. Molly Maloof for an exciting conversation about Mitochondria and its wide-reaching impact on our mental state and the health of our bodies. 

Dr. Maloof talks us through her insights of how lifestyle changes, including diet and exercise, can have an effect on our Mitochondria - and how those effects can then, in turn, affect us. The conversation also covers the Mitochondrial impact on perimenopause and fitness as female bodies get older, and how blood sugar levels also play a part. 

Labs Mentioned

  • Blood Sugar Monitor

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04:02 - How do you know you have a mitochondria problem?

13:13 - How do you eat and exercise to optimize your mitochondrial health?

18:00 - The shift from chronic cardio to strength training

22:21 - Perimenopause and Mitochondria

31:18 - The importance of a healthy relationship with food

34:31 - Endocrine-disrupting chemicals in the mitochondria

36:28 - Where can you find Dr. Molly Maloof and her book “The Spark Factor”?

37:07 - Dr Maloof’s new business “Living Adamo”

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