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Dr. Carrie Jones
Dr. Kate Henry
October 16, 2023

Hacking ADHD Holistically and Naturally with Dr. James Greenblatt

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In today's episode with Dr. James Greenblatt, you’ll hear us take a deep dive into:

  1. The root causes behind ADHD
  2. Natural treatments for ADHD
  3. The role of magnesium in managing ADHD
  4. The link between copper and zinc in ADHD
  5. Food allergies and sensitivities in ADHD
  6. Gut health and ADHD
  7. Exercise and sleep in ADHD
  8. Parenting strategies for children with ADHD

Dr. James Greenblatt is the Founder and Medical Director of Psychiatry Redefined. In addition to his leadership role there, he holds the title of Chief Medical Officer at Walden Behavioral Care and is an Assistant Clinical Professor at Tufts University School of Medicine. A prolific writer, Dr. Greenblatt has authored numerous books on integrative medicine. Throughout his distinguished career, he has been dedicated to investigating the complex relationship between mental health and nutrition, consistently pursuing alternative and complementary methods to conventional psychiatric therapies.

Labs Mentioned

  • Hair mineral analysis
  • IgG mediated food allergies
  • Blood testing
  • IgE testing
  • Delayed-type hypersensitivity testing
  • Organic acid test

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00:00 - Intro

02:49 - What symptoms define ADHD?

04:48 - Natural interventions for ADHD management

05:53 - How magnesium influences ADHD and brain function

08:12 - Magnesium: dietary sources and smart supplementation

11:27 - Zinc deficiency and copper excess in ADHD

14:35 - Testing for copper

18:40 - Dr. Greenblatt's psychiatrist journey to integrative pediatric care

19:40 - Connecting food allergies to ADHD in children

21:15 - Testing for food allergies

23:11 - Diet, allergies, and ADHD in preschoolers

26:39 - Understanding OPCs

26:48 - What is pycnogenol?

30:04 - Finding the right specialist

32:25 - Why is nutritional lithium a natural alternative for ADHD?

39:12 - Impulse control in adults

41:25 - The gut-brain connection in ADHD

44:19 - Amino acids: nature's building blocks for ADHD neurotransmitter balance

48:36 - Boosting protein intake for better mental health

50:49 - Iron deficiency in ADHD

52:43 - The power of exercise in ADHD

53:54 - What is variable attention disorder?

57:15 - Addressing sleep challenges in ADHD

01:00:44 - Parenting strategies for children with ADHD

01:05:03 - Saffron and ADHD

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