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Dr. Carrie Jones
Dr. Kate Henry
December 18, 2023

Take Control of Your Metabolic Health Today with Dr. Casey Means

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In today's episode with Dr. Casey Means, you’ll hear us take a deep dive into:

  1. Metabolic health, energy, and its impact on well-being

  2. Key lab tests to assess your metabolic health

  3. The root causes of metabolic dysfunction

  4. Metabolic health and pregnancy

  5. Food, lifestyle, and glucose levels in metabolic health

Dr. Means is a Stanford-educated physician who serves as the Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of Levels, a pioneering company in metabolic health. She is also an Associate Editor at the International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention. Dr. Means is dedicated to unlocking human potential, fighting the rise of preventable chronic diseases, as well as equipping individuals with innovative, technology-driven tools that support intelligent, personalized, and enduring choices in diet and lifestyle.

Labs Mentioned:

  • Fasting blood glucose test
  • Cholesterol panel
  • Triglycerides test
  • HDL cholesterol
  • LDL cholesterol
  • Advanced lipid testing
  • Fasting insulin
  • High-sensitivity C-reactive protein
  • Hemoglobin A1C
  • Uric acid

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Rupa Health Details:


00:00 - Intro

05:48 - Understanding metabolic health

10:36 - From ENT surgeon to metabolic evangelist

17:09 - Key lab tests to assess your metabolic health

32:07 - Women's health transitions and lifestyle strategies

46:09 - Understanding the metabolic shifts in menopause

51:52 - Continuous glucose monitoring and personalized nutrition

59:17 - Where can you find Dr. Casey Means?

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