Rupa Health — For Patients

Think of us as an extension of your doctor’s team.

Your doctor submits your lab test order with us, and we support them with everything end-to-end, until your results are ready for review.

We bring together ordering, support and payment for many specialty lab companies all under one roof:


She gets reminders to pay the invoice.

The Rupa team sends Sarah gentle reminders to pay her invoice, so the labs can be sent off.

What can you expect after your doctor submits an order?


You'll get an email and an invoice from us.

We'll send you a welcome email and an invoice. You'll need to fill out a quick consent form so we know where to send your lab kits. You can pay for your tests using an HSA or FSA card.

Note: If your doctor paid for the order, you wont receive an invoice.

You'll receive your test kits in the mail.

Depending on where you live and which lab company your doctor ordered from, your kits will arrive in about 2-4 business days.


We send you cheat sheets and instructions to complete your tests.

While your kits are in the mail, we'll send you information how to prep. These cheat sheets include key details: like timing, restrictions on food and supplements, how to collect your sample and how to ship the kit back to the lab.


We'll notify your doctor when results are in.

Your doctor will reach out to schedule a follow-up to review results together.


You can reach out to our team anytime.

We're your hotline for any lab-testing related questions, such as:

  • Can I keep taking my probiotics before this test?
  • Where should I get my blood drawn? Can you help me schedule it?
  • When should I expect results to be in?

Need help? We're here for you!

Talk to a human. Always.

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