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March 12, 2024

New Approaches in Testosterone Treatment: Fertility, Mood, BPH and Beyond

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In today's episode of The Root Cause Medicine Podcast, we dive into men's health, neurology, and fertility with Dr.  Eric Yarnell. You’ll hear us discuss:

  1. Testosterone and its impact on the male body

  2. The dangers of relying on Internet medical information

  3. Addressing male factors in infertility treatment

  4. The role of herbal medicine in optimizing testosterone production

  5. High testosterone and prostate conditions

  6. How diet and gut health influence prostate health

Dr. Eric Yarnell is the President of Northwest Naturopathic Urology, focusing on men's health, urology, and nephrology. He is also a Professor at Bastyr University in the Department of Botanical Medicine, alongside running two businesses in botanical medicine and publishing. He is the author of numerous texts and articles, including Natural Approach to Gastroenterology, Natural Approach to Urology, Natural Approach to Prostate Conditions, and Naturopathic Nephrology.

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02:49 - Testosterone misconceptions, symptoms, and tests

12:14 - Redefining fertility treatment and sperm analysis

16:14 - Fertility and chemical exposure

19:39 - Chemical detox approaches

22:01 - Detox diets debunked

23:45 - Unlocking herbal secrets

34:55 - The power of nutrition and lifestyle changes

44:54 - Exploring the frontier of gastrointestinal health

53:11 - Diets and natural healing for leaky gut

56:12 - Empowering your health journey

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