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Dr. Carrie Jones
Dr. Kate Henry
March 19, 2024

Trauma, Gut Health, and Psychedelic Therapies in Autoimmune Diseases

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In today's episode of The Root Cause Medicine Podcast, we dive into autoimmune diseases with Dr. Sara Szal Gottfried based on her new book, The Autoimmune Cure. You’ll hear us discuss:

  • The root causes of autoimmune disease

  • How trauma acts as a trigger for autoimmune diseases

  • Leaky gut and autoimmune diseases

  • Psychedelic medicine for treating autoimmune diseases

  • The gut-immune system connection in autoimmune diseases

  • Her newest book, The Autoimmune Cure

Dr. Sara is a Harvard-trained medical doctor with over 25 years of experience, a distinguished scientist, and a dedicated researcher. Known for her role in bridging connections in the medical field, she is both a scholar and a seeker of knowledge. Dr. Sara has authored four New York Times bestselling books, including "The Autoimmune Cure." Her mission is to transform healthcare into a more personalized approach, highlighting telehealth services for executives, elite athletes, and VIPs. Additionally, she serves as the Director of Precision Medicine at the Marcus Institute of Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals.

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  • Dr. Sara Szal Gottfried’s Website
  • Dr. Sara Szal Gottfried on LinkedIn
  • Dr. Sara Szal Gottfried on Facebook
  • Dr. Sara Szal Gottfried on Instagram
  • Dr. Sara Szal Gottfried on X
  • Dr. Sara Szal Gottfried on TikTok
  • Dr. Sara Szal Gottfried’s Books
  • The Autoimmune Cure Book
  • Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals Website
  • Discover Your ACE Score

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03:52 - The rising tide of autoimmunity

05:48 - The most common autoimmune diseases

07:48 - Trauma as a trigger for autoimmune diseases

18:03 - The critical link between gut health and immune system

22:08 - Autoimmune recovery and the power of lifestyle change

27:58 - How autoimmune disease and therapy overlap

31:42 - Unconventional therapies: from psychedelics to somatic mindfulness

41:36 - Psychedelics, autoimmunity, and personal wellness

43:28 - Where can you find Dr. Sara?

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