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We answer the most common questions we get from practitioners.

What is BioReference Laboratories?

BioReference Laboratories is one of the largest testing and diagnostics companies in the country. Rupa offers over 1000 BioReference lab tests from its extensive test menu catalog, covering a wide range of blood lab testing needs.

What is Scarlet Health®?

Scarlet Health is BioReference Laboratories’ mobile phlebotomy service. Scarlet® comes to your patient’s home or workplace to perform blood draws. All test orders placed with BioReference on Rupa must be drawn through Scarlet.

What happens after I place an order with a BioReference test?

  • Your patient receives an e-mail from us asking for payment.
  • During the payment process, we verify whether or not your patient is located within Scarlet’s mobile phlebotomy geographic range.
  • If the patient is within Scarlet’s geographic range, your patient can complete the payment process.
  • Once payment is completed, Scarlet reaches out to your patient via text and email to schedule an appointment at an address of your patient’s choosing.
  • Once the appointment is confirmed, Scarlet comes to your patient directly to perform a blood draw. They bring the supplies necessary for the specimen collection to the patient, and they take care of the requisition form and specimen collection.
  • Scarlet brings the specimen to BioReference Laboratories for analysis.
  • The test results are sent directly to you in the Rupa portal.

Is there a fee for mobile phlebotomy through Scarlet?

Yes, there is a $25 fee for mobile phlebotomy. 

Does a patient have to use Scarlet for BioReference Laboratories test orders?

Yes. All BioReference Laboratories test orders must be completed via Scarlet.

How do blood draws work for BioReference test orders?

All patients must get a blood draw through BioReference Laboratories’ mobile phlebotomy service, Scarlet. Once a patient is deemed eligible and has paid for their test order through Rupa, Scarlet will reach out to them via text and email to schedule a blood draw. Patients can have Scarlet come to their home or workplace, so long as their Zip code is within Scarlet’s phlebotomy geographic range. Over 80% of Americans are located within Scarlet’s geographic range. Scarlet is not available in CT, AK and HI.

Once the appointment is scheduled, Scarlet will draw the patient’s blood and send the specimen to the BioReference lab. As the ordering healthcare provider, you’ll receive a notification when the test results are loaded into the Rupa portal.

What happens if my patient is not located within geographic coverage of Scarlet’s mobile phlebotomy?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to draw for BioReference tests for this patient. Before your patient pays for their test order, we verify (via Zip code) whether or not Scarlet can draw for your patient. So patients will not pay for BioReference testing if they are ineligible due to geographic location.

If your test order contains other lab tests (not from BioReference Laboratories), the patient may proceed with payment for just those tests. We will automatically remove BioReference tests from your test order if your patient is not within Scarlet’s geographic range. You will be notified if your patient is ineligible for a BioReference Laboratories test.

What payment options are available to me and my patients for BioReference test orders?

BioReference test orders are patient self-pay only. Unfortunately, we do not accept insurance for BioReference Laboratories test orders at this time.

Patients have several options to pay for their BioReference Laboratories tests: credit/debit, HSA/FSA, or a 3-month payment plan if eligible.

Can I order other lab tests from other lab test companies alongside BioReference in the same order?

Yes! You do not need to create a separate test order for BioReference tests.

What happens if I place a test order with both BioReference and lab tests from other companies that require a blood draw?

Your patient will receive instructions directly from BioReference’s mobile phlebotomy service Scarlet, who will draw for your patients at an address of their choosing.

Your patient will also receive instructions from Rupa on how to complete their blood draws for other lab test companies. Rupa sends to your patients local phlebotomy options directly.

What types of practitioners are authorized to order BioReference tests?

Only healthcare providers fully licensed as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) are authorized to order BioReference tests at this time.

Can patients use insurance with BioReference test orders?

No, not at this time. BioReference orders are patient self-pay only.

Can I pay for BioReference tests myself and charge the patient separately?

No, not at this time. BioReference tests are patient self-pay only.

Is there an age restriction on BioReference tests?

Yes. Patients must be 10 years or older.

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