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We answer the most common questions we get from practitioners.

How it Works

Which labs can I order through Rupa?

We currently offer all tests from the labs on this list. See our lab test catalog for a complete list of tests we offer. All of our partner labs are CLIA certified.

3x4 Genetics
Access Medical Labs
BioReference Laboratories
Boston Heart Diagnostics
Cell Science Systems
Cyrex Labs
Diagnostic Solutions
Doctor's Data
ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies
Gemelli Biotech
Genova Diagnostics
Great Plains Laboratory
Immunosciences Lab
Infinite Allergy Labs
Microbiome Labs
Precision Analytical (DUTCH)
Precision Point Diagnostics (Dunwoody)
Quicksilver Scientific
RealTime Laboratories
Sanesco & NeuroLab
US BioTek
Vibrant America & Vibrant Wellness

What if I use other labs too?

Many practitioners find Rupa Health extremely convenient and useful even if we don't have every single lab you use. That said, we're always adding to our lab catalog based on your recommendations & needs. Oftentimes, we offer a similar test from a different lab company. Drop us a line, we’d love to hear about the labs you love and use!

How does Rupa Health work?

Our goal is to make the process of lab testing quick and painless. We know your time is valuable, and you should get to spend it on what matters most: patient care. With Rupa, you can place a lab test order, and not worry about it at all until the results are in.

Once you place in order with Rupa, we do the groundwork. We fill out the requisitions, drop-ship the kits, and track patient samples and results for you all in one place. We also guide your patient along the way: we send them a shipping notice, cheat sheets, and handle any specimen issues.

To learn more, you can check out the following:

What EMR / EHR systems do you integrate with?

Currently, we integrate with Practice Better and OptiMantra. With these EMR connections, you place orders as usual in Rupa. But, your results also come directly to your patient's chart in your EMR.
We are looking to integrate with more EMR / EHR systems in the future. If you would like to see us integrate with your EMR / EHR system of choice, please tell us here.

What if I keep kits in my office?

You can now use Rupa with your in-office kits that you hand out to the patient in person or draw in the office. The labs we offer this for are DUTCH, Diagnostic Solutions, Alletess, Spectracell, US Biotek, and Boston Heart. We’ll be adding this option for more labs soon. See how this works.

How do I get results?

We notify you by email every time a result comes in, and results from every lab come into the Rupa portal as PDFs. You’ll be able to view or download the PDFs, request a clinical consult with the lab, or mark the results as reviewed in the portal. By default, we don’t release results to your patients. You can choose to release select results to patients after they come in.

Getting Started with Rupa

What's the best way for me to get started?

You can sign up in 2 minutes through our sign-up form. Make sure to have your license and NPI on-hand. You can also join a live demo with our founder if you’d like to learn more.

Do I need to have existing accounts with these labs before signing up?

No, you don’t need to have existing accounts with any of our partner labs! When you start ordering through Rupa, we automatically set these up for you so that you can begin ordering seamlessly.

Can I create an account for my admins & staff members, and invite other practitioners to my clinic?

Yes! You can invite staff admins and other practitioners to your clinic. Your staff will be able to place orders on your behalf. See how to invite staff members here.

What if I have multiple practitioners in my clinic?

We can set up a multi-practitioner clinic for you. Each practitioner will first need to create their own account by signing up with their NPI and license here. Once all the accounts are ready, you can email us at and we’ll be able to link those accounts for you!

The Patient Experience

What is the patient experience like?

All our communication with your patients happens over email. We check in with your patients at several points in the process.

  • When you place the order
  • When the kits have shipped
  • When we send instructions
  • We check in at the 2-week mark

Real humans on the Rupa Health team help your patients throughout the process. You can check out our full patient experience here!

How does finding a blood draw station work?

If you order tests that need a blood draw, your patient will get their kit in the mail with their requisition form. They’ll need to take this kit with them to a blood draw center, or have a mobile phlebotomist come to them. You can find local phlebotomists for your patient's blood draws through Rupa's searchable phlebotomy database.

In our instructions email, we share customized phlebotomy options with your patient based on their location. This may include mobile phlebotomy options or in-office blood draws near their residence. You can also set your own preferred phlebotomist by adjusting your settings. In this case, the patient will receive instructions to go to your preferred phlebotomist.

Do you help patients throughout the process?

Yes, absolutely! We actually send your patients cheat sheets, sample requisitions and customized phlebotomy options and instructions to guide them through the process of collecting their sample. We also have an entire Patient Help Center that answers commonly asked questions. You can read about our patient experience here.

What happens if there are issues with the labs or a patient needs to re-collect?

We maintain contact with labs throughout the process. If there are Specimen Issues with your patient’s sample, the lab will contact us. We resolve these between the lab and the patient and message you about the resolution.

Do you nudge patients to complete their tests in a timely way?

Yes, we send a check-in email to your patients 2 weeks into the process, asking them how completion is going and seeing if they have any unresolved questions.

Can patients have access to results?

By default, we don't send results directly to your patient. However, you can choose to release results to patients with one click from your Rupa portal. Your patient will be emailed a secure link to access their results. See how to do this here.

What are the customer service hours?

Our customer service hours are Monday - Friday 9am-5pm PST. We do our best to respond to all inquiries within 1 business day.

Practitioners: You can reach us at or by messaging us in the portal
Patients: You can reach us at

Pricing and Payment

How does Rupa Health’s pricing work?

Test pricing is the same whether you or your patient pays for the order. We always give patients the practitioner wholesale price for lab tests, along with a 7% ordering fee (which helps Rupa cover our costs!). Most of the time, this still comes out to less than what a patient would pay the lab directly. You can check out our pricing in our catalog here.

What payment options do you offer for patients?

We’re excited to announce we now support multiple payment options for patients in need! Patients can pay for their lab testing using the following methods:

  • Credit or Debit
  • Flexible Savings Accounts (FSA)
  • Health Spending Accounts (HSA)
  • 3-Month Payment Plans for patients in need

As a practitioner, can I pay for the test myself and charge my patients separately?

Yes, you can choose to pay for tests yourself at checkout. Your patients will still get an email about the order, but the email will not include any of the billing details. You can then charge your patients separately, allowing you to include the interpretation or follow-up fees if you wish.

As a practitioner, can I add a margin to lab tests?

Our goal at Rupa is to help keep you compliant in your practice. Because of this, Rupa doesn’t allow you to add a margin to your testing as mark-ups are against the law in many states. If your practice runs off of a membership or bundled pricing models, you can use practitioner-pay and charge your patients separately. This would allow you to include the interpretation fee or follow-up appointment costs.

Do you accept insurance?

Right now, Rupa is cash-pay only for all lab tests except stool tests from Diagnostic Solutions; which you can order through Medicare if the ordering physician is PECOS certified for Part B Medicare Claims.

Do you help patients navigate insurance reimbursement?

For cash-pay labs, we allow patients to pay for their order using HSA, FSA, or payment plans. Patients can decide on their own if they wish to pursue insurance coverage retroactively. We don’t create Superbills for patients, but we have built a downloadable PDF guide to help your patients create Superbills on their own.

What is your return policy for kits?

We accept returns for most lab tests within 365 days of payment. Please see our return policy for more details.

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