We answer the most common questions we get from practitioners.

How it Works

Which labs can I order through Rupa?

We currently have partnerships with the labs on this list. See our lab test catalog for a complete list of tests we offer.

Vibrant America & Vibrant Wellness
US BioTek
Quicksilver Scientific
Precision Analytical
Labrix by Doctor's Data
Great Plains Laboratory
Genova Diagnostics
Doctor's Data
Diagnostic Solutions
Cyrex Labs
BostonHeart Diagnostics
Access Medical Labs

What if I use other labs too?

Many practitioners find Rupa Health extremely convenient and useful even if we don't have every single lab you use. However, we actively add to our lab catalog based on your recommendations & needs. Drop us a line, we’d love to hear about the labs you love and use.  

How does Rupa Health work ?

We simplify your entire lab ordering experience for both you and your patients. All you have to do is fill out a patient's name, email and the lab tests you want for them from all your favorite lab companies. We fill out the requisitions, order tests, track and receive results for you. We also help with patient customer service and nudging them to complete tests. You'll be notified when email when results are in. Watch our walkthrough video.

What's the best way for me to get started?

You can sign up through our site, or schedule a call to learn more.

As a practitioner, can I can I pay for the test myself and charge my patients separately?

Yes, you can choose to pay for tests yourself at checkout, and pay via card or bank transfer. Your patients will still get an email about the order asking for their shipping info, but the email will not include any of the billing details. You’re then free to charge your patients separately and include the interpretation or follow-up appointment costs.

How are practitioners added to Rupa Health’s accounts?

We have partnerships with labs that allow us to add practitioners to our Rupa Health account, regardless of whether you have an existing account with these labs or not. The on-boarding process is slightly different for each lab, but we make it simple for you to do in one step.

Does my name still go on the requisition?

The requisition will either have your name, or say "Rupa Health".

Do you have any EHR integrations?

We currently don’t have any direct API integrations with any EHRs. Lab results are dropped into our portal in PDF’s, and can be downloaded from there. You’ll get an email once each person’s lab results are all in. At your request, we can also fax these PDF’s to your EHR automatically.

Are there email reminders that results are in?

Yes, currently we inform you once all of a single patient’s results are in (that were ordered at the same time).

How pretty and friendly is the user interface?

Feel free to check out screenshots on our homepage or sign up for yourself to see!

The Patient Experience

What is the patient experience like?

Patients  are helped by real humans on the Rupa Health team throughout the process. See our article for more details: What Happens When you Submit An Order?

How does finding a blood draw station work?

If you order tests through us that require phlebotomy, we send your patients phlebotomist information that is recommended by the lab company that the test is from. We usually send them 2-3 options, both mobile and in-person options.

Do you aid or direct patients?

Yes, absolutely. We take care of the entire labs care cycle for patients. We collect payment, send patients tracking info, and guide them through the instructions to complete tests. We also have a hotline that patients can call/text for any questions, including those about blood draw sites.

What happens if there are issues with the labs?

We maintain contact with labs throughout the process. If there are STAR notifications or issues, the lab will contact us directly. We resolve these with the lab and the patient, and will let you know how it has been handled via email.

Do you help patients navigate insurance reimbursement?

We give patients the Provider rates for lab tests (usually the cheapest rate). Patients can decide on their own if they wish to pursue insurance coverage. We also allow patients to pay for their tests using HSA & FSA cards.

Is there a way to set time reminders for you to poke patients to remind them to do test, come in, etc?

Yes, we automatically send patients reminder emails at the following touchpoints:

  • Once the test has been ordered and is on the way
  • Once test has arrived at their house. We also send a cheat sheet with additional helpful instructions for how to complete the tests.
  • At each 1 week interval after this, we remind patients to complete tests.
  • When results are in, patient gets an email to schedule a follow-up appointment

What are the customer service hours?
Our customer service hours are Monday - Friday 9am-5pm PST. We respond to all inquiries within 1 business day.

Can patients have access to results?
As a rule of thumb, we only release results directly to practitioners.


What rates are patients charged for the lab tests?

Patients get the discounted provider wholesale prices - which are the cheapest price they can get. Rupa Health adds a 7% ordering fee per test, which helps us cover ordering, patient support and more.

What if I want to pay for my patients' tests?

This is an option! You can choose to do this at checkout.

As a practitioner, can I make money off of lab tests?

No. Our lab-ordering tool doesn’t allow practitioners to add a margin for themselves. It's actually illegal to do so in most states. However, you’re free to charge your patients separately for the interpretation fee or roll that into follow-up appointment costs.

How does Rupa make money?

We charge patients a 7% ordering fee per test, that allows us to cover processing, handling and patient customer support.

Do you help patients navigate insurance reimbursement?

We give patients the wholesale provider rates for lab tests - the cheapest rate available.  Patients can decide on their own if they wish to pursue insurance coverage, but we don't file it on their behalf. We also allow patients to pay for their tests using HSA & FSA cards.

What is your return policy for kits?

Please see our return policy.

Have any questions?

Talk to a human. Always.

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Our customer service hours are 9am-5pm PST. We respond to all inquiries within 1 business day.