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Partner Lab Feature: Cell Science Systems

Caroline Bales
Partner Lab Feature: Cell Science Systems

We are so excited to welcome Cell Science Systems to Rupa Health! We had a great conversation with Roger Deutsch, CEO of Cell Science Systems, to learn more about Cell Science Systems, how they started, and the technology behind their tests. 

Introducing Cell Science Systems

Hi Roger! I am so excited to chat with you today. Can you tell us about how Cell Science Systems was founded?

I came into functional medicine as a matter of personal interest. From an early age, I believed in the importance of a healthful diet and I saw the impact of diet on immune health first-hand. I started my career as an oil broker but soon learned there is more to life than just earning lots of money. I desired to do something more aligned with my personal interests that would also benefit others. So, I started Cell Science Systems in 2004 to explore the impact of specific foods, chemicals and nutrients, and botanicals on immune function. 

That’s fantastic! Tell us more about the technology y’all use. 

Our technology is based on the scientific determination of the impact of foods, chemicals, nutrients, and botanicals on immune function. We use ALCAT technology, PCR, and ELISA to perform our tests. 

Cool! What are some of the most popular tests that you offer? 

Some of our most popular tests are the ALCAT Test, the Cellular Nutrition Assay (CNA), and the Antioxidant Protection Assay (APA). The ALCAT Test is a proprietary method utilizing whole blood that identifies a functional response to foods, chemicals, and other substances. It is our invention and we are the sole US providers. 

Our Cellular Nutrition Assays (CNA) focuses on mitogen-stimulated lymphocyte responses to micronutrients. The associated APA (Antioxidant Protection Assay) also uses whole blood to indicate supplements and herbs that demonstrate the protection of cells under conditions of oxidative stress.

Amazing! These tests are why we are so excited to have you on Rupa! 

What kind of practitioners do you serve? What are they usually using your tests to diagnose and treat? 

We serve both traditional and holistic practitioners. They are using our tests for anything related to inflammation, ranging from GI complaints to metabolic dysfunction and autoimmune disorders. 

Fantastic! With all of this amazing work you are doing, what is your favorite part about being in this industry? 

I enjoy all of the scientific exploration and the positive impact we are able to have on peoples’ lives.

To read more about Roger’s thoughts on Cell Science Systems and the functional medicine industry, check out his interview with Total Prestige Magazine here

What is your future vision for functional medicine lab work? 

I'm optimistic that technologies in this space will contain to advance and hopefully will better define the role of the environment in health.

Great! To that end, what are you working on right now as a lab? What do practitioners have to look forward to? 

We are currently working to make some of the assays run on smaller quantities of blood. We are also working to further confirm the use of functional, real-time biological responses of immune cells in guiding dietary choices.

Smaller quantities of blood for these tests - I know a lot of patients that will be happy about that! 

Is there anything else you would like practitioners to know about Cell Science Systems? 

We are working to continue our research collaborations with academic institutions so as to deepen the understanding of the role of food in health.

Amazing! Thank you so much, Roger! We look forward to speaking with you again soon. 

To learn more about the tests offered by Cell Science Systems, visit the Rupa Health Lab Test Catalog and select Cell Science Systems as the Lab Company. From here you can see the specimen type and more details on each test. If you're a Rupa Practitioner, you can also view the cost of each test.

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Caroline Bales
Content Writer at Rupa Health
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