Waiting on Lab Results? Here’s One Way to Keep Clients Engaged

Ashley Koff RD, The Better Nutrition Program
Waiting on Lab Results? Here’s One Way to Keep Clients Engaged

Whether you are just starting with a new client or have been working with them for a while, when it comes time for their labs, there's a waiting period. Now you can turn that waiting period into a better nutrition opportunity! Here’s how... 

Start Improving Nutrition Choices

Until the lab work comes back, you likely aren’t going to make too many recommendations, but you can start helping clients make their better nutrition choices. Many of the issues that clients present with can be improved upon with one simple upgrade: get in a better nutrition rainbow, more often. 

As practitioners, you understand the value of getting in all of the colors of the rainbow and how to determine whether it is all coming from good sources. Your clients may have been told to “eat a rainbow” - but most aren’t doing it - and certainly not most days. That’s where they could use your help to show them color gaps and choices - foods, beverages, supplements - that work for them based on their preferences, needs and goals. 

Upgrade Their Rainbow

While you both are waiting for lab results to come back is the perfect time to work on upgrading their rainbow. Use this time to keep your clients engaged, motivated and start working with them to identify colors  in their total nutrition that may be lacking. It’s super easy, fun and trackable with The Rainbow Evaluation, an innovative assessment tool offered through The Better Nutrition Program (BNP) and also available through many of the top practice management platforms, including BodySite, Simple Practice, Healthie & Practice Better. And Rupa members can access it for free here.

Using a tool like The Rainbow Evaluation makes it easier to gather essential client data and shows (not just tells) clients how to incorporate all of the colors of a better nutrition rainbow. It engages clients, helping them make better choices, including how they can add foods, herbs, spices and even supplements to help them more easily, and more often, reach their rainbow. That’s how you empower your clients to actually eat a rainbow.

Why does a tool like The Rainbow Evaluation work so well? It all comes down to personalization. You order lab work because you are already aware of the power of personalization. Instead of offering blanket recommendations, you want to dive in to understand where the client’s body is today, to get insight into what the body needs more of to get the client back to feeling their best. And you understand that meeting the client where they are, not where they think they are, is the key to ensuring better outcomes. 

How to Personalize the Rainbow Evaluation

Here’s how labs and The Rainbow Evaluation can help you personalize even better. When you share your lab requests, include The Rainbow Evaluation. Next, have them calendar the date they will do their labs and pick a date to go over their Rainbow evaluation results.  While waiting for the lab results, start working on a color(s) goal testing out different ideas - from frozen fruits, to adding spices or sauteed vegetables to different recipes. Once you get their lab results, you can sync those findings with your rainbow recommendations, which will help you further validate your “why”. Instead of telling clients what they should be doing, share why it will benefit them in order to better gain their trust and buy-in. Plus, you will already have an idea of what motivates them and what they are willing and able to implement and commit to more often. 

Client Example

A client’s lab work shows elevated inflammatory markers. After reviewing their Rainbow evaluation responses, it’s clear that they are not getting enough orange foods on a daily basis. And that’s because they don’t like them or maybe don’t want to use them as their carbohydrate choices. Combining both the lab work and the evaluation results helps you show them the benefits of a quality turmeric supplement (or how to use it daily in their smoothie, tea or soup) for a concentrated source of orange which helps promote a healthy inflammatory response.

No matter what their lab results may show, getting a rainbow of colors from a variety of plants is never a bad idea, and is, in fact, one of the core principles of better nutrition. It’s also a win for your practice as engaged clients are more likely to turn into long-term clients. When you combine lab work with better nutrition assessments like The Rainbow Evaluation, it helps you build highly personalized plans for each and every client, creates opportunities for better client outcomes, and sets your business apart from the rest. And it provides you with an awesome done-for-you lead magnet you can use for many different marketing needs including getting referrals from other practitioners. Talk about finding your pot of gold! 

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Ashley Koff RD, The Better Nutrition Program
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