5 Benefits of Drop Shipping Lab Kits

Dr. Shawn Greenan, DACM, CFMP®
5 Benefits of Drop Shipping Lab Kits

To drop ship lab kits or keep them in the office, that is the age-old question. Spoiler alert, we love dropshipping kits at Rupa Health and want to show you why it’s so beneficial for your practice.

If you are a practitioner who keeps kits in their office, don’t stress, this article will still be very helpful as you may come across new tests you are interested in and can use the dropship option when you are ready.

Here are our Top 5 Benefits of Drop Shipping Lab Kits


#1 No Inventory to Keep Track Of

If you offer telehealth, have a small treatment space, or you just have no desire to keep up with inventory, then dropshipping kits are probably your best option. Technology has come a long way and has benefited medical practitioners tremendously. What was once functional medicine clinics filled with inventory and supplies has become an easy click of a button with automatic shipping and tracking.

#2 Order and Drop Ship Kits from Multiple Lab Companies

No more having to guess what you might need for each patient. With Rupa, you can now search through over 2,000 + kits to compare pricing, sample reports, and turnaround times to see which test best suits your patient’s needs. If you have a group of kits you continuously use, you can bundle them under your dashboard and easily add extras, just hit the submit button when you are ready, and drop-shipped kits will be on their way to your patients. When you place the order, your patient gets an email from us letting them know that we are here to help with everything lab tests related, taking the stress off of you. You can also set up a future drop shipment date for labs that need to be retested.

#3 No Filling Out Requisitions by Hand

Requisitions can be very time-consuming and confusing for patients. What’s an ICD or CPT code? Didn’t I already pay? Why do you need this info? These are all the questions we hear from patients, and we are happy to take this off your plate. We go out of our way to make sure patients know exactly what to do with each test, including sending sample forms, step-by-step guides, and of course, being available to answer any questions they may have along the way. If you order a test covered by Medicare or Tricare, we can help with that too. For more information on Medicare or Tricare, please click here.

#4 Patient Compliance

Whether you offer in-house or drop ship lab kits, the ultimate stressor for practitioners and patients alike is getting the tests completed. Patients are low on free time. And there are many reasons why patients don’t get their test done; maybe they can’t afford it at the time, it’s still confusing, and they don’t want to bother you, or they have just lost track of time. Whatever the reasoning, if you dropship through Rupa, we help take that stressor off your hands.

We guide your patients every step of the way and help them find payment options that best suit their needs. Patients pay upfront and can use Credit, Debit, HSA, FSA, or a 3-Month Payment Plan. And as mentioned before, we help with Medicare and Tricare covered tests.

Once tests have been paid for, the test ships straight to your patient with instructions, cheat sheets, sample requisition forms, and phlebotomy recommendations. If you gave us special instructions when you placed the order, those will be included. Two weeks into the process, we check in to see how their sample collection is going, making sure your patient was able to submit their sample and answer any questions they have.  

#5 Finding a Lab

Unfortunately, patients can not get functional medicine labs drawn at Quest and Labcorp. So what’s a practitioner to do? Whether you prefer to send your patients to a specific phlebotomist, a blood draw center, or have it done in your office, you can manage that all through us! Based on the preferences you set, we’ll send a custom e-mail to your patients every time you order a blood draw lab that gives them multiple options on where to go as well as any custom instructions you want to add. If sample issues come up, we handle them directly with your patient.

Think of Rupa as an Extension of Your Team

We want to make drop shipping lab kits easier for you. You can check out the patient experience for your self. :) Have more questions? Feel free to reach out to our amazing onboarding managers, who are always ready to help! Don’t have time to chat? Here's our FAQ for Practitioners, or if you are more of a visual learner, we’ve uploaded a few video guides to help explain the process.

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