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We’re constantly improving Rupa. Here are our latest updates.

Schedule Out Orders While Checking Out Labs for Patients
October 28, 2021

It seems like lightyears ago to us...things move fast around here :)...but back in August, we made it possible for you to schedule out lab orders for future dates & more easily re-order tests for patients.

We got some feedback from you all (thank you so much - we couldn’t do our jobs without you) and we’re now making this feature more accessible.

Previously, you could only schedule out a future lab order for orders that had already been placed. But, now, you can schedule out any order of your choosing right in the checkout flow.  

Watch the video below or see the text and screenshots beneath to see how it works.

How does it work?

When you check out a lab for a patient, you’ll see a new feature right at the top of the checkout screen. By clicking the date, Rupa will open a calendar for you that allows you to schedule the order for a future date.

Select the date of your choosing then check out as normal. Your order will be sent to the patient via e-mail on the date you’ve selected. Voila! Note that patients will only be asked for payment on the date of your scheduled order, not before.

The statuses of your scheduled orders also appear on your dashboard, so you can keep track of what’s scheduled.

Give it a try! Schedule an Order.

Save Your Notes To Patients
October 11, 2021

Sometimes, you need to add a little something extra to your lab order: custom patient instructions. 

By adding a note to your patients during checkout, you can let them know if there are any special instructions when completing their lab. Your notes appear front & center when your patient receives e-mail instructions from us.

Now, we’re letting you save your “notes to patients” to make it easier to retrieve custom instructions that you send to multiple patients. This way, you won’t need to re-type custom instructions - they’ll be saved for you for quick retrieval.

How do you save notes to patients?

Go to settings and click on “saved notes to patient”. Here, you will create your snippet (aka note), add a title, and click save.

When you want to checkout your next order, click “insert snippet” to add any one of your pre-saved notes. Once you complete checkout, your saved note will appear front & center in the patient instructions e-mail that Rupa sends your patient.

Navigate to your settings to create a saved patient note today.

Our Improved Lab Alert System
September 29, 2021

Every now and then, labs have shipping & results delays. We certainly never want it to happen. But when it does, we want to make sure you’re informed so you can plan accordingly.  

That’s why we’re creating more transparency around lab multiple ways.

If there’s a known shipping or results delay before you place an order.

You’ll be notified in two ways:

  1. Our homepage alerts banner will list shipping & results delays
  2. In the lab details from our catalog, we'll notify you of any ongoing delays

If there’s a known shipping or results delay after you place an order.

You’ll be notified in several ways:

  1. If the lab delay was known when the order was placed, the patient will be notified when they receive our e-mail to them asking for payment
  2. If the lab delay occurs after the order is placed, both you and the patient will receive an automatic e-mail alerting you of the delay. You will also receive a notification in Rupa’s messaging portal
  3. A lab delay alert will appear in the patient detail view

If you’re effected by a delay, please feel free to message us in Rupa. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Free Live Classes Now on Rupa
September 28, 2021

We get MANY questions from Rupa practitioners about specialty lab testing & running a practice. How do I interpret this test? What tests can I run for patients with hormone issues? How do I start a practice on my own?

That’s why we’ve assembled some of the best minds in functional medicine & specialty labs to bring you answers to the above questions and more...all within Rupa. Free live classes are now available in Rupa.

With free live classes, you can learn how to interpret labs better, understand what testing is right for you and your patients, and learn how to run your best practice.

Order, track, and learn about labs all in one place! 

Watch live classes on Rupa

DNA RX is our latest lab partner!
September 23, 2021

We’re thrilled to announce that DNA Rx is our latest lab partner on Rupa! DNA Rx is a woman-owned lab focused on making nutrigenomics more accessible and easier to understand.

Tests that are offered through DNA RX are used to diagnose histamine intolerance, Celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, vitamin deficiencies, and neurotransmitter problems. 

DNA Rx’s most popular test - the Wellness Genetic Panel - provides information on 40 genes that are relevant to diet and lifestyle. With just a simple cheek swab, it can help uncover vitamin deficiencies, the best diet for the patient, how their neurotransmitters function, and what food/chemical sensitivities may be present.

DNA RX says that practitioners of all types use their testing for wellness and precision medicine.

We welcome DNA RX to Rupa! You can order DNA RX’s labs on Rupa by clicking on the link below. By ordering on Rupa, you can order labs in just 2-3 steps in 60 seconds or less, have all results come to one place, and have us take care of all patient & lab logistics, issues, and questions.

Order DNA RX on Rupa

We’re Making Test Re-Ordering a Whole Lot Simpler
August 25, 2021

We’ve heard from many of you that you like to place the same lab test orders again and again. This makes total sense to us, too - for example, checking in on a patient’s gut health requires an initial test followed by another test after a certain time period.

To help make repeat orders as simple as possible, we first launched custom bundles - allowing you to create, save, and name any lab test bundle of your choosing from multiple lab providers for easy one-click ordering.

But, now, we’re making ordering the same tests over and over again even more convenient!

Order a test again

This feature is perfect for those who want to order the same tests for a patient, but haven't scheduled them in advance.

Simply go into your dashboard, click the “order again” dropdown and select “order now”

You’ll then be brought to the checkout page, where your patient’s information and tests will already be loaded and you can checkout as normal. As easy as pie.

Scheduling a future order

Do you have a specific date in mind for when you need to re-run a test? If so, this feature is for you.

Simply go into your dashboard, click the “order again” dropdown and select “schedule order”. You’ll be brought to this calendar where you can schedule the order for a future date.

After you schedule the order, it will appear in your dashboard as a reminder. You can edit or re-schedule from there if something changes!

If you’ve elected to pay for the order, then the card on file will be charged on the date the order is scheduled for. Your patient will receive notification that the test has been ordered, as usual.

If you’ve designated your patient as the payer, then your patient will receive an e-mail as usual asking for payment.

Patients Now Get Local Phlebotomy Options From Rupa!
August 19, 2021

After you place an order with a blood draw requirement, Rupa will now send your patients local phlebotomy options via e-mail! The e-mail comes about 48 hours after the patient has paid for their lab.

Depending on the availability of phlebotomists in their area, patients will get in-office and mobile phlebotomy options. Patients can always reach out to us if they require other options.

You can also set your own preferred phlebotomist - and Rupa will automatically direct your patients to your preferred phlebotomist via e-mail every time you place an order with a blood draw requirement. Remember to adjust your settings if you want to set a preferred phlebotomist.

This makes it easier for patients to schedule their phlebotomy visits and helps you get lab results faster ⚡️.

Infinite Allergy Labs is our latest lab partner!
August 12, 2021

We’re thrilled to announce that Infinite Allergy Labs is our latest partner on Rupa!

Infinite Allergy Labs is a leader in diagnostic food and environmental allergy / sensitivity testing.

Their food allergy & sensitivity panel helps identify and treat root causes of symptoms earlier by targeting problem foods and creating customized elimination diet plans.

And they offer an extensive Environmental Allergy Panel which tests 88 common allergens, with less invasive serum allergy testing.

Check out Infinite Allergy Labs on Rupa’s lab test catalog, along with 20+ other specialty lab companies.

Cell Science Systems is Our Latest Lab Partner!
July 28, 2021

Greetings everyone! Today, we’ve launched our newest lab partner to Rupa Health - Cell Science Systems!

Cell Science Systems Corp. is a specialty clinical laboratory that develops and performs laboratory testing in immunology and cell biology, supporting the personalized treatment and prevention of chronic disease. Cell Science Systems Corp. operates a CLIA certified laboratory and is an FDA inspected and registered cGMP medical device manufacturer.

Cell Science Systems specializes in testing for food sensitivity, gluten sensitivity, gut health, nutrient deficiency, and more.

Check out Cell Science Systems along with 20+ other specialty lab companies on Rupa’s lab test catalog.

Custom Settings Added To Rupa
July 12, 2021

We know that it’s a goal of yours to customize care for your patients. So... we wanted to help make Rupa more customized to you!

Introducing custom settings!

With custom settings, you can automatically release results to patients, create & edit custom bundles, add & manage your team members, set preferred phlebotomists, and more all in one place!

The new settings sidebar

Automatically release results to patients

If you want patients to see their test results at the same time as you, simply toggle this feature “on”. Patients will receive an e-mail with their test results as soon as they are available in Rupa.

If you want to review the patient’s results in advance, no problem! This feature is set to “off” by default.

Create & edit custom bundles

With custom bundles, you can create, save, and name any lab test bundle of your choosing from multiple lab providers for easy one-click ordering.

Now, you can access & edit bundles right in your settings, in addition to creating them when starting a new order. More choices for whichever way you prefer!

Add & manage your team members

If you’re in a practice or clinic with either multiple practitioners or staff members, you can easily manage who has access to your Rupa account. In this screen, you can:

  • Get an overview of who has access to your Rupa account
  • Invite a new team member
  • Request that Rupa update or remove a team member

Set your preferred phlebotomist

Since many of our practitioners order labs with a blood draw requirement, we want to make sure you and your patients’ phlebotomy experience is as simple and as easy as possible.

Whether you prefer to send your patients to a specific phlebotomist, a blood draw center, or have it done in your office, you can manage that all here! Based on the preferences you set, we’ll send a custom e-mail to your patients every time you order a blood draw lab that tells them where to go, the cost, and any custom instructions you want to send.

Ready to start customizing your Rupa experience? Login to Rupa and select “settings” on the left-hand side to get started!

We love hearing from you!

If you have any feedback, feature requests, or ideas for how we can improve, please let us know. The best way for us to learn is directly from our users. 💛

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