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Introducing Blood Lab Dashboards
November 29, 2023

We're excited to announce Blood Lab Dashboards, designed to elevate your patient experience with beautiful and understandable lab results!

  • Offer beautifully presented results — automatically. Patients can easily filter by body system and spot out-of-range values at a glance.
  • 🤓 Descriptions for humans. Your patients can discover what each blood lab marker means with our straightforward and understandable descriptions.
  • 🎨 Entirely customizable. Optionally add or modify preset optimal ranges, edit custom descriptions, and brand the results with your practice's logo.
Learn more about Blood Lab Dashboards
Cerbo EHR is Now Integrated with Rupa
November 16, 2023

The wait is over - Cerbo EHR is now integrated with Rupa! 🎉 With this integration, Cerbo EHR users can order from Rupa's 35+ lab companies in either Cerbo or Rupa and receive results directly in their Cerbo account. 🔛

Connect your Rupa & Cerbo Accounts!

Getting results from Rupa in your Cerbo EHR is easy!

  1. Log in to your Cerbo account
  2. Navigate to Admin > Manage > Integrations and expand the Rupa Health section.
  3. Click "+ Add Rupa Health Account" and follow Cerbo’s instructions to login and authorize Rupa and Cerbo integration. (Each account in the clinic must do this)

It’s always a great day when we can make it easier than ever for you to serve your patients. Want to see us integrate with another EHR? Let us know here! 😊

Aerodiagnostics is now on Rupa!
September 26, 2023

The wait is over! We’re excited to welcome Aerodiagnostics, a highly-requested breath testing laboratory for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) and Lactose, Fructose, and Sucrose intolerances as Rupa’s new lab partner! 🎉

Order Aerodiagnostics Labs on Rupa!

It’s always a great day when we can offer more ways for Rupa practitioners to bring root cause medicine to the world! 🤗

Easily stock and re-order lab supplies for your clinic through Rupa!
July 20, 2023

Do you see patients in person and want to hand out lab kits, or draw for phlebotomy, during an appointment?

You can now order the in-office lab supplies you need, like extra tubes & tourniquets from Access Medical, or Dutch Complete Kits right within Rupa. Plus, you can track orders & view order history, too! 🎉

Before using a kit on a patient, simply activate your kit by placing the order on Rupa and selecting “In Office” delivery method at check-out. Super easy! 🤩

You can currently order the lab supplies from Access, DUTCH, Diagnostic Solutions, Boston Heart, US Biotek & Alletess. Best part? We’re working on adding new labs ASAP!

Order In-Office Lab Supplies

Transaction Reports - Download your Order & Billing history with Rupa
April 28, 2023

We've just launched Transaction Reports, a way for clinics to download their Order and Billing history with Rupa. Now, you can customize a date range and download a history of your patient orders, billing information, custom fee payouts, and lab test order history.

Navigate to your Billing & Custom Fees tab in settings: 

  • Select from pre-set date ranges like your previous month or entire year
  • Download your report directly from Rupa

Download Transaction Report

Introducing Food Plans - Powered by Rupa AI
April 26, 2023

We are excited to launch Food Plans — a magical way to automatically generate personalized food plans for your patients in under 60 seconds.

After learning how many of you spend hours and hours customizing food plans for your patients, we realized we could help. Food Plans utilizes a HIPAA-compliant version of AI to power the instant generation of the plan (it’s so magical - you gotta try it out! 🦄). You’ll still have full control to edit it so the plan is perfect for your patient.

Imagine creating plans for these cases in under 60 seconds:

  • Gluten-free, dairy-free, allergic to coconut, kosher, and needs 2 meals for intermittent fasting 16:8
  • SIBO protocol, 3 meals a day with snacks in between that are easy to travel with and don’t need refrigeration
  • Plant based diet, seasonal summer foods, loves mediterranean food, simple to cook

Create a Food Plan

Reference Guide
March 2, 2023

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Reference Guide!

It is designed to make it easier than ever to find the information you need about lab testing. With the Reference Guide, you can quickly and easily access lab tests, lab companies, health categories, bundles, lab test comparisons, live classes, bootcamps, magazine articles, and podcast episodes - all in one place!

Click the Learn About Labs tab in the sidebar to check it out!

We’re thrilled to bring this to you, and we can’t wait to hear what you think! Check it out today and let us know what you think!

Notification Settings
February 21, 2023

In a busy clinic, we have learned that sometimes our practitioners want to designate someone else to manage their order related emails, updates and questions. Now, we have a way to do that! 

Introducing Notification Settings: Practitioners can choose a new point of contact to receive their order-related updates.

Navigate to your Clinic Settings, where anyone within your clinic can update your preferences.

Whether you prefer all notifications to go to one email, or whether each practitioner has their own staff member, your settings are customizable. Both practitioners and staff have access to make these updates.

Create visual, simplified, entirely customizable Results Summaries for your patients
February 8, 2023

We know that summarizing your patient’s results and building a treatment plan can be time-consuming – that’s why we just launched our new Results Summary tool! 

Results Summary allows you to pull key insights from your patient’s lab tests and share simplified, visual, and actionable plans directly from Rupa. 🤩

Once your client’s results are in, you can:

  • Highlight relevant biomarkers with visualizations
  • Customize your reference ranges and biomarker analysis, optimizing for personalized outcomes
  • Add treatment plan tasks such as supplements, lifestyle, and nutrition recommendations
  • Document your patient’s symptoms, tying them directly to data-backed results 
Introducing LabShops
February 2, 2023

We're excited to announce the launch of LabShops – a new way for you to grow your business and improve access to testing for your clients! With LabShops, you can create a custom e-commerce page to make testing available to your practice's community or educational program participants.

Here are some of the features you'll have access to with LabShops:

  • Access to over 3000 lab tests through a signing physician.
  • Custom fees and get paid out – you can add your own custom fee to each test or bundle and get paid out via Stripe once results come in for each client.
  • Monetize your content by offering testing to your course participants and increasing the value of your educational content.
  • Branded and custom to you – you can include your own logo, description, and video on the LabShop so your clients know the testing is recommended by you!
  • Sleek and modern experience for your clients – we handle the logistics of the tests, so you can focus on growing your business.

This is just the beginning of what LabShops has to offer – we can't wait to see how you'll use it to scale your impact and improve access to testing for your clients.

Get started with your own LabShop

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