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We’re constantly improving Rupa. Here are our latest updates.

Practice Better EHR Results Connection
April 29, 2022

Practice Better is a complete nutrition practice management EHR for wellness professionals as well as a client management tool to save you time & money. It is through those shared values that we are excited to announce that we are partnering with another amazing EHR - PracticeBetter! For tests ordered through Rupa, your patient results will automatically come into your Practice Better account.

How the Practice better × Rupa integration works:

  • You’ll place the lab orders in the Rupa portal as usual
  • The Rupa portal will update with patient statuses (sample arrived at lab, results ETA, etc)
  • All results will arrive directly in the Labs tab of your patient’s chart in Practice Better. You'll still receive them in Rupa as well.

Get set up and learn more!

New Lab on Rupa: dnalife®
April 28, 2022

We are so excited to announce that dnalife®, an industry leader in nutrigenomic and pharmacogenomic testing, is our newest lab partner on Rupa!

dnalife® offers 12 different genetic panels covering a wide range of health markers for overall wellness, weight management, chronic disease risk, and cognitive and mental well-being. Their reports provide actionable insights that empower patients to take more responsibility for their health.

Welcome dnalife®!

On Rupa, it takes 2-3 clicks and no more than 60 seconds to place an order. And even better? All of your results, from all of your lab companies, appear in one place. We’ll also handle all your patient & lab logistics, issues, and questions.

Get started here! Order dnalife® on Rupa.

New Lab on Rupa: Immunosciences
April 15, 2022

We are so excited to announce that Immunosciences, an experienced lab in immunology and autoimmunity, is our latest lab partner on Rupa! 

Immunosciences' Autoimmune Profile-Comprehensive can help in the early detection and identification of autoimmune disorders through the measurement of predictive antibodies, some of which can appear in the body up to years before the active onset of the disease. This gives practitioners a window of opportunity to ameliorate, halt or even prevent the development of an autoimmune disorder that could mean years, or even a lifetime, of suffering.

Warmest welcome to Immunosciences on Rupa!

On Rupa, It takes 2-3 clicks and no more than 60 seconds to place on order. And even better? All your results, from all your lab companies, appear in one place. We’ll also handle all your patient & lab logistics, issues, and questions. 

Get started here! Order Immunosciences on Rupa.

Health Categories, Search by Biomarker, and a New Cart Layout
March 17, 2022

We’re beyond excited to announce an updated, comprehensive, and flexible new way to navigate both our Lab Test Catalog and Cart!

Improved Search and Filtering

When creating an order for your patients in the Cart, you now have the ability to filter by health category, lab company, sample type, and phlebotomy requirements! You can easily view test details and pricing, as well as search by specific biomarkers. At the top of the cart, you can save your lab test bundles and favorite tests.

Discover Labs

We’ve also introduced a new home page for our Lab Test Catalog to help you navigate the growing list of lab tests and companies Rupa has to offer! Check out our “Discover Labs” page, where you can browse through all of our updated health categories and see each lab company’s specialty. 

Let us know what you'd like to see next!

Introducing 3x4 Genetics! New Lab on Rupa
March 8, 2022

We are so excited to announce that 3X4 Genetics, a leader in nutrigenomics, is our latest lab partner on Rupa! 

3X4 Genetics main test, The Blueprint Report, tests over 148 genes and uses evidence-based analysis with a proprietary scoring system to group the results. The outcomes are detailed in a Blueprint report. It is a comprehensive report that clearly defines for the practitioner and patient immediate, actionable recommendations on diet, lifestyle, supplements, and other relevant health interventions.

We welcome 3X4 Genetics to Rupa! On Rupa, It takes 2-3 clicks and no more than 60 seconds to place on order. And even better? All your results, from all your lab companies, appear in one place. We’ll also handle all your patient & lab logistics, issues, and questions. 

Get started here! Order 3X4 Genetics on Rupa

New Lab on Rupa! TruDiagnostic
February 24, 2022

We are so excited to announce that TruDiagnostic is our latest lab partner on Rupa! TruDiagnostic is an exciting, highly requested CLIA certified lab specializing in epigenetic methylation testing.

TruDiagnostic’s leading test, TruAge Complete Collection, specializes in being able to quantify the aging process (Biological Age). Their testing can tell you your biological age, your rate of aging, your rate of stem cell divisions, telomere length and much more. They use algorithms developed in collaboration with universities such as Duke, Harvard, Yale, and others to show your patients how you are effectively slowing their aging process.

We welcome TruDiagnostic to Rupa!

Order TruDiagnostic on Rupa

Microbiome Labs is our latest lab partner
February 16, 2022

We’re thrilled to announce that Microbiome Labs is our latest lab partner on Rupa! Microbiome Labs is a highly requested CLIA certified lab focused on Functional Microbiome Analysis testing.

Microbiome Labs main test, BiomeFx, shows you the general composition of your gut microbiome, relative abundances of pathogens and keystone species, dysbiosis ratios, and 20+ microbial functions that contribute to patient outcomes.We welcome Microbiome Labs to Rupa! You can order Microbiome Labs on Rupa by clicking on the link below. By ordering on Rupa, you can order lab tests in just 2-3 steps in 60 seconds or less, have all results come to one place, and have us take care of all patient & lab logistics, issues, and questions.

Order Microbiome Labs on Rupa

Now with BioReference labs: Custom blood panels, $25 mobile phlebotomy, no minimums
January 24, 2022

Rupa Health is now working with BioReference Laboratories, Inc. and Scarlet Health® to provide access to hundreds of blood tests with a seamless mobile phlebotomy experience. What does this mean for you and your patients? 

Affordably Priced Custom Blood Panels, with no minimums

BioReference is one of the Top 3 laboratories in the country. You now have access to choose from 1000s of biomarkers and create customizable panels of any size. Best part? No minimum ordering fee. 

A Sleek & Modern Mobile Phlebotomy Experience

We want the blood draw experience to be as convenient for your patients as all at-home collections should be. For just $25 paid up-front through Rupa, your patients can get blood draws right in their living rooms. Trained Scarlet® phlebotomists will perform the collection and ship the specimen back to the lab.

And there’s more to come.

We’re just getting started with this collaboration, and you can expect to see more new features and expanded services for you and your patients in the coming months. Stay tuned! 

Want to learn more? Check out our BioReference Laboratories FAQs. Ready to view BioReference tests on Rupa? View the lab catalog.

Introducing Rupa’s Searchable Phlebotomy Database
December 14, 2021

Phlebotomists are critical to the lab testing process, but it’s not always easy to find them. This is especially true now when so many of you are operating remote or telehealth-first practices. If you’re operating in Arizona, it’s not easy to know about phlebotomy options if your patient is located in Wisconsin.

That’s why Rupa has launched its searchable phlebotomy database - so you can easily find phlebotomists who can draw your patients’ blood in their geographic area. 

  • Search via zip code or city, state to find local phlebotomists 
  • Website, phone number, hours of operation, pricing (when available), and address are included

Rupa has built a phlebotomy network across the United States to ensure phlebotomy options are available for most patients. You can use this database to find where they are and see the phlebotomy options that we send patients via e-mail after you place an order with us.

If you want to send all of your patients to a specific phlebotomist, you can always set a preferred phlebotomist (scroll to the bottom of this page). In this case, we’ll direct all of your patients to your phlebotomist of choice.

We’re always looking to expand our phlebotomy services - if you don’t see a phlebotomist in your patients’ area, send us a message in our portal and we’ll be glad to help.

Schedule Out Orders While Checking Out Labs for Patients
October 28, 2021

It seems like lightyears ago to us...things move fast around here :)...but back in August, we made it possible for you to schedule out lab orders for future dates & more easily re-order tests for patients.

We got some feedback from you all (thank you so much - we couldn’t do our jobs without you) and we’re now making this feature more accessible.

Previously, you could only schedule out a future lab order for orders that had already been placed. But, now, you can schedule out any order of your choosing right in the checkout flow.  

Watch the video below or see the text and screenshots beneath to see how it works.

How does it work?

When you check out a lab for a patient, you’ll see a new feature right at the top of the checkout screen. By clicking the date, Rupa will open a calendar for you that allows you to schedule the order for a future date.

Select the date of your choosing then check out as normal. Your order will be sent to the patient via e-mail on the date you’ve selected. Voila! Note that patients will only be asked for payment on the date of your scheduled order, not before.

The statuses of your scheduled orders also appear on your dashboard, so you can keep track of what’s scheduled.

Give it a try! Schedule an Order.

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