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We’re constantly improving Rupa. Here are our latest updates.

Order KBMO Testing Through Your Rupa Portal
May 19, 2021

Exciting news - you can now order KBMO testing through your Rupa portal! KBMO diagnostics is a highly requested CLIA high complexity, FDA registered lab focused on food sensitivity testing.

KBMO has developed patented technology that allows for looking at food sensitivities, inflammation, and gut permeability all from one test.

Their flagship test, the FIT Test, measures sensitivities to up to 176 different foods, coloring and additives.

The Upgraded Rupa Portal
May 12, 2021

Today, we are launching the upgraded Rupa Labs Portal, including a brand new layout and structure. 🎉 We've taken all the feedback you've given us over the last year, and incorporated it into a layout and flow that should make your life even simpler and more delightful.

We now surface resources like shipping & turnaround times, FAQs, and our Support Center right from your portal.

New Portal

As always, this is just the beginning. This new design is the foundation for many other important features you've requested (improved search and order filtering, etc.) As always, I'd love to hear what you think - feedback is so appreciated.

We’re Launching Our First EHR Partnership With OptiMantra
April 8, 2021

We have a really exciting announcement to make! We’re launching our first EHR partnership with OptiMantra. For tests ordered through Rupa, your patient results will automatically come into your OptiMantra account.

How the OptiMantra × Rupa integration works:

  • You’ll place the lab orders in the Rupa portal as usual
  • The Rupa portal will update with patient statuses (sample arrived at lab, results ETA, etc)
  • All results will come in through the “Labs/Diagnostics” tab in OptiMantra automatically

Connect Your Rupa & OptiMantra Accounts

What EHR do you use? Let us know here. We’re working on adding more of these partnerships!

Brand New Patient Instructions Page
March 31, 2021

If you’ve been using Rupa, you already know we send your patients emails with key updates: ship dates, instructions, when samples arrive at the lab, and more. But now we’re super-charging your patient's instructions. 🚀

Now when you place an order for your patient, your patient will receive an email with a link to step-by-step instructions on what to do next.

This page gives your patient detailed instructions on:

  • Completing their tests (with key details & videos!)
  • Filling out requisitions
  • How to schedule their blood draw

See a “live” example of a Patient Instructions Page!

⭐️ Bonus: You will be able to access each of your patient’s custom instruction pages from the Order Events section in the Rupa portal!

Here’s to more clarity, ease, and simplicity with lab testing for your patients! 🙌

Download Requisition Forms Directly in Rupa
March 19, 2021

You’ll now be able to download requisition forms for paid orders right from the Rupa portal for these labs: Alletess, Bostonheart, Diagnostic Solutions, Spectracell, DUTCH, US Biotek, Vibrant America, iGeneX, Quicksilver, Access Med Labs, Cyrex, ELISA-Act, and Precision Point.

Note that some of our partner labs don’t offer digital requisition forms (Genova, GPL, Doctor’s Data, ZRT). If you need the req for these labs, please message our team!

Download requisitions
Use Medicare for GI-MAP (DSL) & Get Full Coverage
March 18, 2021

If you are in network with Medicare, you can now order the GI-MAP using Medicare through Rupa! The GI-MAP by Diagnostic Solutions is completely covered ($0) by Medicare (Part B). You’ll now be able to select this option from the “Insurance Option” drop-down when placing an order. (Note: right now, we’re only able to accept Medicare or Cash Pay for GI-MAP, unfortunately no other insurance options are available.)

Start Orders Directly From the Lab Test Catalog
March 17, 2021

We’ve heard from many of you that our lab test catalog is the easiest place to search, filter and select testing for your patients. Now, we’ve taken that one step further - as of today, you can start orders right in the catalog! 🚀 (Bonus Points: we also now show you shipping & turnaround times for each test right on the “more details” card!)

Start orders from the catalog
Hand In-Office Kits to Patients for 6 Labs Including DUTCH, DSL, and US Biotek
February 17, 2021

At Rupa, we started out offering drop-shipped kits for all labs. As of today, you can now use Rupa for your In-Office Kits from 6 of our labs - meaning you can hand a kit to a patient in person, and we’ll still handle the payment, instructions, and follow-ups, specimen issues, and results! 🎉

As we’ve grown, we’ve worked to support many of you who are operating partially in-person, or will eventually be fully in-person again. Our goal at Rupa is to support you whether in-person or virtual, for the long-term!

We also know that some kits are better when handed over in person -- i.e. for drawing blood samples on the spot, getting timing right with hormone panels, etc.

We now offer In-Office kits for:

  • Diagnostic Solutions
  • Alletess
  • Spectracell
  • US Biotek
  • BostonHeart

Learn more about using In-Office Kits.

We Now Let Patients Know When Their Samples Have Arrived at the Lab
February 16, 2021

This has been a long desired feature to minimize the questions you’re getting from your patients! Many patients reach out to check on the status of their tests. Now, patients will get an email from Rupa when samples arrive at the lab. This email will also share the estimated turnaround time. Scheduling a follow-up is now one less item on your plate!

Note: we are only able to share sample information for labs that have this information available - some of our partner labs don’t, unfortunately! :(

Patients Can Now Pause Orders Until They’re Ready to Move Forward
February 15, 2021

Patients sometimes have to hold off on completing a test - because of test preparation, timing, financial reasons, etc. They can now pause an order, and get automatically reminded by Rupa when it’s time to complete the test. If your patient decides to pause their order, we will let you know in the patient’s Order Events in your dashboard.

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