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Microbiome Labs

Microbiome Labs

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Microbiome Labs
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About the Lab

Microbiome labs are focused only on the microbiome - microbiome science and therapeutics, with a goal of providing integrative solutions and clinical research data that inform on digestive and immune health issues.

Microbiome Labs offers the BiomeFX, which uses advanced and accurate sequencing technology to explore some of the many inner functions of the gut microbiome, and their impact on human health. 

This test explores the pathogens in the gut and the keystone species that are crucial to overall health and metabolic functions. 

They support practitioners and patients with individualized testing results and insights into nutrition, lifestyle, and supplements to manage each patient’s microbiome function.

About Microbiome Labs

Microbiome Labs, part of the Novonesis Group, was founded in 2014 and is located in Glenview, Illinois. They work with healthcare professionals and researchers focusing on the microbiome, Functional Medicine, gut health, and microbiology.

They are dedicated to cultivating a culture where innovation meets rigorous, research-based science. 

Microbiome Labs offers the BiomeFX, an advanced gut microbiome test that utilizes cutting-edge sequencing technology to delve into the intricate functions of the gut microbiome. This comprehensive test goes beyond merely identifying pathogens; it also examines keystone species vital for overall health and metabolic processes. 

Mission and Vision

Its mission is to “make vibrant health accessible for all” and be an inclusive resource center to meet the needs of health care practitioners and their patients in supporting gastrointestinal health.

They pioneered the category of spore-based probiotics, setting new standards within the industry.  They remain committed to integrating the study of the microbiome into medical education and making microbiome supplements a fundamental tool in health management.

Pathogen Identification and Keystone Species Analysis

BiomeFX delves deep into the gut microbiome, identifying potential pathogens that may disrupt the microbial balance and compromise gut health. By pinpointing these harmful organisms, practitioners can tailor interventions to restore microbial equilibrium and promote overall well-being. 

Additionally, the test highlights keystone species, which are pivotal in maintaining gut health and homeostasis and supporting various physiological functions.

Personalized Support and Recommendations

Microbiome Labs is committed to providing practitioners and patients with personalized insights derived from BiomeFX testing results. Armed with a deeper understanding of each patient's microbiome composition and functionality, practitioners can offer tailored recommendations on nutrition, lifestyle modifications, and targeted supplementation. 

Integration of Microbiome Laboratory Testing and Spore-Based Probiotics

Microbiome Labs complements its laboratory analysis of an individual’s microbiome with a line of spore-based probiotics.  

Supported by Novozymes OneHealth, they oversee every step from strain discovery to final product creation.  Their formulations are research-driven, giving practitioners confidence in the positive impact these solutions can have on patients.

Certifications and Accreditations

Microbiome Labs is CLIA-certified.  

Popular Tests at Microbiome Labs

Microbiome Labs offers a range of popular diagnostic tests designed to assess the composition, functionality, and balance of the microbiome. These tests leverage cutting-edge technology and advanced analytical techniques to provide comprehensive insights into gut health and microbial diversity. By examining the intricate interplay between pathogens and beneficial microbes, Microbiome Labs empowers practitioners and patients to optimize microbiome function and support overall well-being.

BiomeFx: Comprehensive Microbiome Analysis

The BiomeFx test represents a cornerstone of microbiome analysis at Microbiome Labs, offering a comprehensive assessment of microbial balance and functionality. 

By analyzing stool samples, BiomeFx delves into the composition of the gut microbiome, identifying both pathogenic organisms and beneficial microbes. 

This detailed analysis provides valuable insights into the potential functions of microbial communities, shedding light on their role in various health concerns and symptoms.

Through the BiomeFx test, practitioners gain a deeper understanding of how the microbiome influences an individual’s gastrointestinal health and overall wellness. 

Armed with this knowledge, practitioners can develop targeted interventions, including nutrition, lifestyle modifications, and supplementation, to restore microbial balance and support optimal gut function.

Vaginal BiomeFx: Functional Vaginal Microbiome Analysis

In addition to gut health assessment Microbiome Labs offers the Vaginal BiomeFx test, specifically designed to analyze the microbial composition of the vaginal microbiome. 

This swab-based analysis identifies the abundance of various microorganisms present in the vaginal ecosystem, providing insights into vaginal health and microbial diversity.

The Vaginal BiomeFx test is invaluable for assessing the balance of vaginal microbiota and identifying potential dysbiosis or imbalances that may contribute to vaginal health issues. By understanding the microbial landscape of the vagina, practitioners can tailor targeted interventions to support vaginal health and address specific concerns.

Personalized Recommendations for Microbiome Optimization

One of the key features of Microbiome Labs' testing services is the provision of personalized recommendations based on test results. 

Whether using the BiomeFx or Vaginal BiomeFx test, Microbiome Labs offers tailored nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations to promote microbial balance and optimize microbiome function.

These personalized recommendations empower practitioners and patients to take proactive steps towards improving gut and vaginal health. By implementing targeted interventions informed by microbiome analysis, individuals can enhance microbial diversity, reduce pathogenic load, and support overall well-being.

About the Lab

Microbiome Labs offers the BiomeFX, which uses advanced and accurate sequencing technology to explore some of the many inner functions of the gut microbiome. This test explores the pathogens in the gut as well as the keystone species that are crucial to overall health and the metabolic functions. Included in the test insights are actionable nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations that can be used as a road map to improve a patient’s unique microbiome.

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