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RealTime Laboratories

RealTime Laboratories

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About the Lab

RealTime Laboratories specializes in testing for mycotoxins and offers a comprehensive Individual Mycotoxin Test that assesses 16 different mycotoxins.

Their diagnostic tests are beneficial in identifying mycotoxin exposure and helpful for practitioners in managing patients with various symptoms and illnesses such as kidney toxicity, immune suppression, neurotoxicity, depression, chronic fatigue, cancer, acute pulmonary bleeding, aplastic anemia, and congenital disabilities.

They also offer environmental detection kit and a veterinarian test version for assessing dogs and cats for mycotoxins.

RealTime Laboratories was founded by two clinical practitioners focusing on patient care informed by research to determine the root causes of patient medical concerns. They were established in 2005 in Carrollton, Texas, with a mission to help people suffering from chronic and unexplained conditions.

The tests use ELISA technology. Combining the information from a patient's Mycotoxin Test with added information from the environmental test, the types of mycotoxins can be detected along with the source of exposure, and patient care can be better facilitated.

They ensure testing quality, validity, and accuracy by fulfilling certification and accreditation requirements and internal laboratory criteria.

RealTime Laboratories' tests and testing methods are informed by expertise and experience in research, patient care, and laboratory technologies, striving to advance diagnostic testing and innovation to improve on meeting the needs of patients.

RealTime Laboratories is a pioneer in the field of mycotoxin testing and aims to remain "the gold standard."

About the Lab

RealTime Laboratories is a pioneer in the hidden dangers of mold exposure. Research continues to show that mycotoxins and other toxic mold can cause serious health conditions in certain populations. RealTime Laboratories' medical team and scientific committee are leaders in mold and mycotoxins.

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Order, track, and receive results from 30+ labs in one place.