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Basic Laboratory Markers

Basic Laboratory Markers

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Basic Laboratory Markers
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Basic laboratory markers are important medical tests which can support healthcare professionals in monitoring the health of patients and identifying potential concerns. Basic laboratory markers measure specific factors in the body which can be used as an indicator of, and to monitor a disease condition. They are objective, reproducible, quantitative measures that provide information on the health status and function of the human body. Some of the more common basic laboratory markers include Hemoglobin A1C, Complete Blood Count, C-reactive protein, and triglycerides. 

These tests may be ordered to specifically check for certain illness conditions, or be part of a routine health examination. One of the most often ordered is the Complete Blood Count (CBC) which includes information about red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Other markers include parameters such as blood glucose levels, lipid profile, liver function tests, and kidney function tests.

What Basic Laboratory Markers tests measure?

There are a variety of testing panels available through Rupa Health using blood and serum sampling to measure different substances to provide information on the status of the patient.

Some examples of basic laboratory markers tests include:

In addition to the results from basic laboratory markers testing, a physical examination and complete health history are important to determine health status or potential concerns. Depending on the outcome of the tests, additional blood and diagnostic tests may be required.

Treatment Plans

The plan for treatment will depend on the outcome of all the testing and examination. 

Some treatment plans may include:

  • Further testing to determine root cause such as stool and specialty testing panels.
  • Continued monitoring with basic laboratory markers for treatment and progression of an identified disease concern such as HbA1c for diabetes.
  • Optimizing lifestyle and diet to maintain or improve health status.
  • Enhance sleep and decrease stress to support health and wellness.

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Basic Laboratory Markers


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Basic Laboratory Markers


Order, track, and receive results from 30+ labs in one place.