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About the Lab

Genetic testing is a key area of innovation in modern healthcare, offering personalized insights into health and well-being and advancing the field of individualized medicine.  3X4 Genetics offers at-home genetic testing to help predict health risks and inform decisions about diet, medication, and more.  

About 3X4 Genetics

The mission of 3X4 Genetics is to “bring the incredible power of genetic testing to the world.” They view their mission as being “to help everyone everywhere personalize every health decision they make.”

3X4 Genetics began in 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa, with a second office opening in Seattle, Washington, in 2020 to service the United States. Headquartered now in Seattle, this lab was founded to make personalized, DNA-based health information available for patient care.

3X4 Genetics encompasses an international team of dedicated, innovative individuals working to provide people with DNA-based information to support them in improving their health and performance. Backgrounds and expertise include medicine, nutrition, genetics, education, and nutrigenomics, with genetic testing based on research and clinical practice.

3X4 Genetics’ Background

Founded on the principles of scientific rigor and accessibility, 3X4 Genetics was established with a vision to make personalized genetic information available to as many people as possible. The founder saw the potential for genetics to transform healthcare by providing more tailored and effective treatments and interventions. 

Dr. Yael Joffe founded 3X4 Genetics in 2018 and now serves as its Chief Science Officer. Bringing two decades of rich experience in nutrition and genetics, Dr. Joffe was a pioneer member of the team that created the first lifestyle genetics test back in 2000. 

Since then, she has played a pivotal role in developing numerous other tests.  Dr. Joffe is also an accomplished author with four books to her credit and regularly shares her expertise through her podcast, "The Power of Genetics," and as a sought-after speaker worldwide.

Additionally, Dr. Joffe has made significant educational contributions by creating the first online platform for nutrigenomics education aimed at clinicians. She has taught and developed genomic courses globally, training thousands of healthcare professionals, and has held teaching positions at prestigious institutions like Rutgers University and Maryland University of Integrative Health. 

Her work focuses on enhancing professional understanding and bringing genetic insight into everyday health management.

Specialization and Services

3X4 Genetics specializes in genetic testing services that offer insights into nutritional needs, drug responses, and potential health risks based on genetic makeup.  

Testing involves an at-home easy-to-use DNA test kit that evaluates over 134 genes that can provide information on metabolism, inflammation, detoxification, fitness, body weight, hormones, cognition, and response to diet and supplements.

Tests are used to diagnose and better comprehend various health conditions, including overall health, chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, and gut health, with the list continuing to grow.

In addition to offering genetic testing, 3x4 Genetics has developed a user interface for the practitioner and the client to support the implementation of health recommendations based on testing.  

They also offer access to the 3x4 community for practitioners, which they describe as “the best new club and learning platform for practitioners of the future.  …  This community is all about getting inspired, becoming skilled, and staying indispensable in a changing world.”  

Their Scientific Approach

3x4 Genetics approaches genetic testing from three key principles:

Systems Approach: 

3X4 Genetics employs a comprehensive systems approach, analyzing how genes interact within cellular pathways and functional systems. This analysis helps manage critical bodily processes like inflammation, metabolism, and detoxification.

Going Upstream: 

Rather than merely addressing symptoms, 3X4 Genetics focuses on the root causes of health issues by delving into cellular mechanisms. This approach aims to prevent, delay, or reverse diseases by understanding disturbances at a molecular level.

Sustainable Change: 

At 3X4 Genetics, health is viewed as an active, daily choice rather than a static condition. By utilizing their Blueprint and the expertise of professional practitioners, clients can achieve a deeper understanding of their bodies and learn the daily decisions necessary for sustained health.

Genetics Test + Blueprint Report by 3X4 Genetics

3X4 Genetics offers the 3x4 Genetics Test + Blueprint Report, a comprehensive genetic test that addresses various aspects of health and well-being. This singular, in-depth test has been developed to provide individuals with insights that can significantly influence their lifestyle choices and medical treatments. In this section, we will explore how this multifaceted test covers different areas, highlighting how it serves specific health needs and contributes to personalized healthcare.

3X4 Genetics Test + Blueprint Report

The 3X4 Genetics Test + Blueprint Report from 3X4 Genetics is a comprehensive genetic analysis tool that delves into 36 pathways important in human health. By examining over 134 genes from a simple cheek swab, this test provides personalized insights into nutrition, fitness, illness prevention, weight management, stress reduction and health optimization strategies, and more.

The 3X4 Genetics test + Blueprint Report analyzes over 134 genes and organizes the information according to the gene’s potential effects in a particular biological pathway.  

An individual’s unique genetic results are organized to promote easy implementation of results, from which genes demonstrated the highest impact on overall health, to those genes which demonstrated the lowest impact.  

Overall, this section highlights an individual’s unique genetic potential and guides direction on how to optimize genetic expression for health.  

This section continues by demonstrating results according to the following systems, again highlighting those pathways that have the highest potential to impact a person’s health:

Cellular Health (Inflammation, Methylation, Oxidative Stress, Detoxification)

Systems (Mood and Behavior, Hormone Balance, Memory and Brain Health, Collagen and Joints, Bone Health, Histamine Overload, Glucose and Insulin)

Cardiovascular Health (Blood Pressure, Vascular Health, Cholesterol, Blood Clotting)

Energy (Exercise Response, Appetite/Satiety/Intake; Pro-inflammatory Fat, Adipogenesis, Energy Expenditure, Weight Gain and Weight Loss Resistance)

Activity (Training Response, Injury, Power, Recovery, Endurance)

Nutrients (Vitamin B12, Folate, Fatty Acids, Choline, Vitamin D, GLuten, Iron Overload, VItamin C, Caffeine, Salt)

The 3X4 Genetics Test + Blueprint Report is ideal for individuals seeking a better understanding of their genetic predispositions and how they may impact health outcomes. By analyzing genetic markers related to various health parameters, this test equips patients with valuable insights to guide lifestyle choices, dietary habits, and personalized interventions to support their unique genetic profile. 

For more information on the 3x4 Genetics Test + Blueprint Report, click here.

About the Lab

3X4 offers a turnkey solution to bring the power of genetic testing into your practice so you can provide your patients more personalized and actionable insights that will help them live better, longer, and healthier lives.

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