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The Power of Genetics: How to Use the 3X4 Genetics Test + Blueprint Report
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About this class

A 2019 poll of health practitioners found that 74% didn't know which genetic test to trust. In this live class we'll learn where this confusion stems from, the different types of genetic testing, and how to implement the 3X4 Genetic test in your practice to get better patient outcomes.

​You'll learn how to:

  • ​Interpret and offer genetic testing
  • ​Identity where genetic testing may have failed in the past
  • ​Differentiate between key terms used in genetics
  • ​Understand the importance of polygenic risk scores and scientific validity and clinical utility
  • ​Understand the unique biomarkers the 3X4 Genetics test provides to clinical practitioners and clients

​By building on science you can trust, education, and mentorship — you will have the insights you need to evaluate the clinical value a genetic tests like 3X4.

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