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US BioTek

US BioTek

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About the Lab

US Bio Tek Laboratories provides comprehensive food sensitivity and inhalant testing panels.

They also offer aeroallergens, IgE, Candida, Celiac, environmental toxins, organic acids, vitamin D, and Thyroid function as well as provide educational resources for practitioners and patients on test results.

Testing kits are easy to use and require low-volume specimens of dried blood spots, serum, saliva, or dried urine

About US BioTek

US BioTek Laboratories, based in Shoreline, Washington, has over three decades of experience in pioneering comprehensive diagnostic testing.

Comprehensive Testing Options

US BioTek Laboratories is renowned for its broad range of testing panels that not only include extensive food sensitivity and inhalant tests but also cover aeroallergens, IgE, Candida, Celiac disease, environmental toxins, organic acids, vitamin D, and thyroid function tests. 

These panels are developed from ongoing research and with valuable insights from clinical providers, ensuring they meet the diverse needs of both practitioners and patients. 

User-Friendly Testing Kits

The laboratory designs its testing kits to be user-friendly and efficient, requiring only small volumes of specimens such as dried blood spots, serum, saliva, or dried urine. 

This ease of use extends the accessibility of US BioTek's advanced testing solutions to a wider audience, facilitating the early detection and management of various health conditions. 

Testing Standards at US BioTek

Certifications and Accreditations

US BioTek is CLIA-Certified and CAP- and COLA-Accredited.  They are also certified by the California Department of Public Health.  

Quality Control Measures

UB Biotek testing utilizes their VeriTek™ process to consistently deliver accurate, repeatable results. VeriTek™ includes advanced automated technology, superior assay preparation, and duplicate testing, meeting or exceeding industry standards with external accreditation from CLIA and CAP.

Innovative Technologies and Techniques


ELISA is a widely used immunological technique that detects specific antibodies or antigens in blood. 

US BioTek utilizes an advanced, fully automated ELISA platform for IgG, IgG4, IgA, and Candida panels, requiring a low specimen volume that can be obtained via fingerstick. Stringent antigen preparation and duplicate testing ensure accuracy.


CLA provides lower detection limits and a wide dynamic range compared to conventional ELISA. It enhances light production in the antigen-antibody binding reaction, leading to higher analytic sensitivity. 

US BioTek uses CLA for Celiac and IgE antibody panels, ensuring reliable results with traceable standards from the World Health Organization.


LC-MS/MS quantitatively evaluates patient urine specimens for organic acids and environmental pollutant exposure. This method separates and identifies compounds in urine, providing precise results. 

US BioTek uses LC-MS/MS for their Environmental Pollutants Panel and Urinary Metabolic Profiles, ensuring accurate and repeatable testing with minimal specimen requirements.

Popular Tests Offered by US BioTek

US BioTek Laboratories offers a diverse array of diagnostic tests, each designed to provide detailed insights into various aspects of patient health. 

Food Sensitivity Panels

The Food Sensitivity Panels at US BioTek are comprehensive tests that help identify individual responses to various foods using ELISA testing methods. These panels measure IgG, IgA, and IgG4 antibodies against a wide array of common and culturally diverse foods, aiding in the diagnosis of food sensitivities and guiding dietary recommendations. 

Notable tests include the 96 and 240 Food Panels available in both blood spot and serum forms. The 96 General Food Panel measures IgG and IgA/IgG antibodies to 96 foods, available for vegetarians as well, reflecting US BioTek's commitment to accommodating different dietary needs. 

For a more extensive evaluation, the 240 Food Panel assesses IgG and IgA/IgG antibodies across a broader spectrum of foods, ideal for individuals consuming a wide variety of cuisines.

Environmental and Specialized Tests

The Environmental Pollutants Profile (EPP) quantifies 14 select metabolites in urine. This test provides essential data that can help determine an individual's toxic burden and assist healthcare providers in developing targeted nutritional and detoxification interventions. 

Organic Acids and Nutritional Assessments

The Organic Acids Profile is another specialized test that measures 36 organic acids in urine, providing a snapshot of a patient’s metabolic state.  This profile is instrumental in identifying metabolic imbalances that may indicate a need for nutritional or metabolic support. 

In conjunction with the EPP, US BioTek offers an Organic Acids and EPP Combined Test that provides a holistic view of a patient's nutrient utilization and toxic load, offering valuable insights for comprehensive health assessments.

Comprehensive List of Tests Offered

96 Food Sensitivity Panels

96 Food Sensitivity Panel - IgG 

96 Food Sensitivity Panel - IgG4

96 Food Sensitivity Panel - IgA

96 Food Sensitivity Panel - IgA/IgG

96 Food Sensitivity Panel - IgA/IgG4

96 Food Sensitivity Panel - IgG/IgG4

96 Food Sensitivity Panel - IgA/IgG/IgG4

144 Food Sensitivity Panels

144 Food Sensitivity Panel - IgG

144 Food Sensitivity Panel - IgG4

144 Food Sensitivity Panel - IgA

144 Food Sensitivity Panel - IgA/IgG

144 Food Sensitivity Panel - IgG/IgG4

144 Food Sensitivity Panel - IgA/IgG4

144 Food Sensitivity Panel - IgA/IgG/IgG4

240 Food Sensitivity Panels

240 Food Sensitivity Panel - IgG

240 Food Sensitivity Panel - IgG4

240 Food Sensitivity Panel - IgA

240 Food Sensitivity Panel - IgA/IgG

240 Food Sensitivity Panel - IgG/IgG4

240 Food Sensitivity Panel - IgA/IgG/IgG4

Specialized Food Sensitivity Panels

96 Asian Food Sensitivity Panel - IgG

96 Asian Food Sensitivity Panel - IgA/IgG

96 Asian Food Sensitivity Panel - IgG/IgG4

96 Japanese Food Sensitivity Panel - IgG

96 Mexican Food Sensitivity Panel  - IgG

96 Vegetarian Food Sensitivity Panels

96 Vegetarian Food Sensitivity Panel - IgG

96 Vegetarian Food Sensitivity Panel - IgG4

96 Vegetarian Food Sensitivity Panel - IgA

96 Vegetarian Food Sensitivity Panel - IgA/IgG

96 Vegetarian Food Sensitivity Panel - IgA/IgG4

96 Vegetarian Food Sensitivity Panel - IgG/IgG4

96 Vegetarian Food Sensitivity Panel - IgA/IgG/IgG4

198 Vegetarian Food Sensitivity Panels

198 Vegetarian Food Sensitivity Panel - IgG

198 Vegetarian Food Sensitivity Panel - IgA

IgE Food Allergy Panels

27 IgE Food Panel

50 IgE Food Panel 

96 IgE Food Panel 

Total IgE

Inhalant Allergy Panels

48 Inhalant Panel - IgG

48 Inhalant Panel - IgG4

48 Inhalant Panel - IgG/IgG4

48 Inhalant Panel - IgA/IgG

48 Inhalant Panel - IgA/IgG4

48 Inhalant Panel - IgA/IgG/IgG4

50 Inhalant IgE Panel

15 Mold IgE Panel

Component Allergy Panel

158 IgE Food/Components Panel

295 IgE Food, Inhalant & Components Panel

Organic Acids Testing

Organic Acids Testing (urine)

Nutrient Profiles

Nutristat Basic Profile (blood and urine)

Nutristat Complete Profile (blood and urine)

Vitamin D (total, 25-Hydroxy D2 and D3)

Digestive Health

GI Microbiome Testing (stool)

Celiac Panel

Celiac Panel Reflex

Mycotoxin Testing

  • MOE-TOX Complete Profile

Candida Profile

Candida Profile

Environmental Pollutants Profile

Environmental Pollutants Profile (EPP) (urine)

Combination Panels

Combination EPP/OAT Panel (urine)

Organic Acids/EPP Commentary

Add On Panels

25 Mold Panel - IgE

50 Inhalant - IgE

27 Food Panel - IgE

50 Food Panel - IgE

96 Food Panel - IgE

Total IgE

48 Inhalant Panel - IgA

48 Inhalant Panel - IgG

48 Inhalant Panel - IgG4

Candida Antibodies Panel

About the Lab

US Biotek specializes in food allergy and food sensitivity testing. They’re also currently offering Covid-19 serum antibody testing.

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Quality Control Process

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CLIA Certified
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COLA Accredited
Order, track, and receive results from 30+ labs in one place.