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Diagnostic Solutions

Diagnostic Solutions

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Diagnostic Solutions
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About the Lab

Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory is renowned for its comprehensive diagnostic testing, particularly its flagship GI-Map stool test. The lab offers a variety of other tests as well, including assessments for food allergies and sensitivities, organic acids, and genomics.

About Diagnostic Solutions

Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory was established in 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia, to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and clinical laboratory services. Committed to serving the clinical needs of healthcare providers, Diagnostic Solutions leverages proven methodologies that ensure accuracy and reliability in laboratory medicine. 

By collaborating with experienced clinicians and opinion leaders across various medical disciplines, the laboratory develops assays that are clinically relevant and provide actionable results.

Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory is at the forefront of personalized medicine, offering advanced testing options such as the GI-MAP™ (GI-Microbial Assay Plus). 

This stool test employs cutting-edge Quantitative PCR technology to deliver a comprehensive DNA/PCR-based stool analysis. It offers crucial insights into the microbiota's role in inflammation, autoimmune diseases, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular issues, and other chronic conditions. 

This technology is known for its high sensitivity, specificity, and rapid results.

In addition to the GI-MAP, Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory's test menu includes options for detecting H. pylori and other pathogens, genomic testing, organic acid and metabolomics testing, food allergy and sensitivity testing, and immune function testing through cytokine assessment. 

The laboratory prides itself on the accuracy and reliability of its results, with testing protocols grounded in rigorous research and scientific literature. Diagnostic Solutions also offers robust educational support, focusing on areas like gut health and autoimmune conditions, and actively shares research articles and resources on their website to aid both practitioners and patients.

Mission and Vision of Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory

Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory believes that “Every Patient Should Achieve Optimal Health”.  

With a mission to provide innovative, accurate, and clinically relevant diagnostic testing in a timely and cost-effective manner, Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory has developed its tests in collaboration with experts across various medical fields. 

Looking ahead, the laboratory aims to continue expanding its range of tests, further enhancing patient health through innovative diagnostics.

Accreditations and Recognition

Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory is CLIA-certified.  

Testing Standards at Diagnostic Solutions

Quality Assurance

Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory's commitment to quality is reflected in the rigorous standards maintained across its operations—from assay development to sample handling and customer service. Its highly experienced scientists have developed over 500 assays, validating each analyte with the best available methodologies to ensure precision and accuracy. The production team emphasizes quality, recognizing the personal significance of each sample they handle.

They maintain their own internal quality control and validation processes, as well as being CLIA-certified.  

Furthermore, Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory's customer service and technical support teams are dedicated to assisting patients and clinicians, ensuring they understand the testing processes and facilitating smooth interactions with the laboratory.

Popular Tests Offered by Diagnostic Solutions

Diagnostic Solutions GI-MAP and Add-Ons

The GI-MAP is a cornerstone test at Diagnostic Solutions, utilizing qPCR technology to analyze the microbiome and assess digestive function and inflammation. 

The GI-MAP® from Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory is a detailed stool analysis using cutting-edge quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) technology. 

This test evaluates a wide range of gut-related issues including the presence of pathogens, bacterial infections, yeast, viruses, and parasites from a single stool sample. It also checks for antibiotic resistance genes and virulence factors, providing detailed insights particularly into H. pylori infections.

Recently updated, the GI-MAP now features an enhanced report with visual cues for better readability and new markers such as Roseburia spp., Desulfovibrio spp., and Eosinophil Activation Protein (EPX/EDN), enriching the depth of insights into gut health.

The test is designed to identify microorganisms that disrupt normal gut balance or contribute to illness while also assessing critical markers of digestion, absorption, inflammation, and immune function. 

Recognizing the connection between gut health and broader symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, and food sensitivities, the GI-MAP delivers quantitative data that helps practitioners develop personalized treatment plans to tackle the root causes of these issues, catering to the needs of complex cases.

The GI-MAP can be augmented with a Zonulin add-on, enhancing its utility by measuring levels of zonulin, a marker for intestinal permeability commonly referred to as leaky gut.  This combination allows for a comprehensive evaluation of gut health and barrier function.

Allergy and Food Sensitivity Testing

Diagnostic Solutions provides extensive testing for allergies and food sensitivities through its IgG Food Explorer and IgE Allergy Explorer tests.

IgG Food Explorer

The IgG Food Explorer by Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory is an advanced Elisa-based multiplex test that assesses over 250 food sensitivities by measuring total IgG antibodies. This test, conducted with an easy at-home collection kit via fingerstick, evaluates individual responses to various food antigens. 

By identifying foods that trigger adverse immune responses, this test facilitates the reduction of symptoms linked to food sensitivities, which can range from gastrointestinal discomfort to systemic inflammatory responses.

Food sensitivities involve delayed immune reactions to commonly harmless foods, manifesting from 3 to 72 hours after consumption. These reactions can contribute to a range of symptoms including digestive issues like bloating and IBS, as well as systemic problems such as autoimmune conditions, skin issues, and mood disturbances.

Eliminating foods identified through the IgG Food Explorer can lessen immune stress and inflammation, promoting gut healing and overall health improvement.

This test is particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing chronic health issues, those seeking to optimize their health, or anyone who has not found success with standard diet plans. 

IgE Allergy Explorer

The IgE Allergy Explorer from Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory is an advanced blood test that measures IgE antibodies to over 150 food and environmental allergens.  

This test, which can be performed at home with just a few drops of blood, provides crucial insights into immediate allergic responses, ranging from mild symptoms to severe anaphylactic reactions. The test covers a wide range of allergens including foods, pollens, mites, insect venoms, and more.

Understanding the specific IgE levels helps to pinpoint the exact allergens causing symptoms and assess the risk of severe reactions, aiding in more accurate diagnosis and management. The test is particularly valuable for identifying cross-reactive allergens and determining the potential severity of immune responses, which can be critical for patients with life-threatening allergies.

Additionally, the IgE Allergy Explorer helps in managing allergies more effectively by enabling personalized lifestyle adjustments. For example, knowing which specific components of foods such as nuts or dairy a patient reacts to can allow for safer dietary choices. This test is especially beneficial for anyone experiencing symptoms like skin irritation, respiratory issues, or digestive discomfort due to allergies.

Metabolic and Organic Profiles

The OMX™ Organic Metabolomics test is an advanced assessment that employs a systems-biology approach to analyze metabolites.  The test may be done using either urine or plasma, or both. 

The OMX Organic Metabolomics test is a comprehensive metabolic assessment that evaluates a wide array of organic acids, amino acids, and other critical compounds to offer insights into a patient’s unique metabolic pathways and potential health deviations.

OMX utilizes a systems-biology approach to present metabolic data categorized into pathway groups, aiding in the identification of metabolic irregularities that could indicate or lead to health issues. 

This test includes essential markers such as cortisol and microalbumin, grouped into six functional health categories: 

  • Metabolic Processing
  • Amino Acid and Protein Metabolism
  • Nutrition
  • Stress and Mood
  • Microbial Metabolites
  • Toxic Impacts

The report provided by OMX includes comprehensive charts and a "Health Target" graphic to help both practitioners and patients easily interpret the metabolic data. Detailed analyte information and customized treatment recommendations are also part of the report, making it a valuable tool for proactive health management.

Specialized Health Assessments

Diagnostic Solutions also offers specialized tests such as the CytoDx which evaluates the balance of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines in serum, providing insights into a patient’s systemic immune status and inflammation levels. 

Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory also offers genetic testing via the GenomicInsight® Genomic Health Profile, powered by the Opus23 Explorer™, a cutting-edge DNA test that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to provide unique genomic insights. 

This test reports on over 3,000 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and offers a dynamic, real-time interactive dashboard for clinicians to customize reports based on the latest medical literature and genomic databases.

The GenomicInsight® test provides detailed information on nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, and lifestyle changes that can positively influence a patient's genetic predispositions, potentially reducing disease risk. It also includes pharmacogenomic data, enabling personalized pharmaceutical treatments tailored to an individual's genetic profile.

Pathogen Detection

For pathogen detection, Diagnostic Solutions utilizes the GI Pathogens Profile, which identifies bacterial, viral, and parasitic pathogens using qPCR technology. This test is essential for diagnosing infections that cause diarrhea and other gastrointestinal symptoms, providing a valuable tool for managing gut health.

About the Lab

Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory is best known for their flagship GI-Map stool test, though they also offer several other tests including a genomics test.

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