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GI MAP: The H. pylori Masterclass
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Join us in this Live Class where Dr. Amy Rolfsen, ND provides an in-depth presentation on Helicobacter pylori. In this presentation, Dr. Rolfsen will discuss how to use the GI-MAP test to successfully treat and manage patients with H. pylori.

​Some learning points you will take home include:

  • ​When to treat H. pylori and when to leave it
  • ​How to power up your treatment plans for long-term H. pylori management
  • ​When to retest patients and what to expect
  • ​How to manipulate the GI environment to deter H. pylori activity
  • ​How to prevent recurrence of H. pylori infection

​Dr. Amy Rolfsen is a naturopathic physician, speaker, and medical educator with a deep focus on the gut microbiome and gastrointestinal health. Her main passion is education, sharing her clinical expertise and up-to-date research with fellow medical practitioners.

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