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About the Lab

Ayumetrix was founded to empower individuals to take charge of their health and wellness using innovative and convenient self-sample collection kits anywhere, any time. 

Ayumetrix offers innovative technologies, simple at-home sample collection, comprehensive and easy-to-understand reports with colorful graphics, and cost-saving at-home lab tests to empower practitioners and patients.  

About Ayumetrix

Ayumetrix is best known for their hormone and genetic test panels as well as their wellness assessments including adrenal stress, metal toxicity, food allergies, fertility issues, weight management, skin problems, and genetic disorders. 

They offer blood or saliva testing options, although some tests utilize urine, cheek or nasal swab samples.

Ayumetrix was founded in 2015 in Lake Oswego, Oregon, to "empower individuals to take charge of their health and wellness". 

Ayumetrix strives to be innovative and collaborative and contributes to improving healthcare through working with research scientists and clinicians.

Ayumetrix testing and technology is supported by knowledge from physicians, researchers, database specialists, and clinical laboratory experts.  Expert knowledge includes anti-aging medicine, preventive and regenerative medicine, detoxification and energy medicine, and nutrition and immunology.

Additionally, they participate in an external quality assurance program to ensure quality, accurate and competent testing.  

Ayumetrix Mission and Core Values

Their mission aims "to create widespread adoption of an innovative model of laboratory testing that demonstrates near term potential to elevate the quality of life, and extend the length of life, for all." 

In pursuit of their mission to foster the widespread adoption of an innovative model of laboratory testing that enhances the quality and length of life, Ayumetrix currently serves 101 countries.

Ayumetrix's core values are reflected in its collaborative efforts with research scientists and clinicians to develop tests that not only detect but also help manage conditions such as metal toxicity, food allergies, fertility issues, and more. 

Ayumetrix Testing Standards

Ayumetrix is committed to maintaining the highest standards in the diagnostic testing industry, ensuring that every test they provide is both accurate and reliable.

Science and Quality Assurance

Ayumetrix utilizes technologies such as LC-MS/MS, ICP-MS, ELISA, and robotics, ensuring precision through rigorous internal and external quality controls and continuous QA/QC reviews. The lab actively participates in the College of American Pathologists (CAP) program for independent performance assessment against established standards.

Ayumetrix utilizes a robust external quality assurance program that consistently monitors and evaluates the precision and accuracy of their tests. This program includes regular audits and peer reviews that help maintain the highest levels of testing competence. 

In an effort to improve the future of healthcare, they welcome collaborations with researchers and clinical groups globally.  

Certifications and Accreditations

Ayumetrix is CLIA Certified and CAP Accredited.  

Popular Tests Offered by Ayumetrix

Ayumetrix offers a diverse range of diagnostic tests tailored to address a broad spectrum of health concerns, from hormone imbalances and metabolic function to genetic predispositions and cardiovascular health. 

The next sections cover a few of Ayumetrix’s most popular lab panels; a complete list of their specialty lab panels is listed at the bottom of this article.   

Hormone and Wellness Assessments

Ayumetrix provides extensive testing panels to assess hormones and overall wellness.  These panels aid in diagnosing and managing conditions related to hormonal imbalances, stress, and aging. 

Wellness panels assess a variety of factors including cardiometabolic health and fitness, men’s and women’s aging, sleep and stress, thyroid health, weight loss and metabolism, skin vitality, heavy metals, and other factors essential to wellness.  

The Women's Health and Men's Health panels include a variety of hormone-based assessments to shed light on factors affecting male and female sexual health, hormone balance, and aging.  

Additionally, Women’s panels are also available to assess Fertility, Ovarian Reserve, Perimenopause and Postmenopause.  

Complete panels assess key hormones that influence gender-specific health concerns, using both blood spot and saliva samples for a comprehensive evaluation. 

Food and Nutrition Panels

Food Sensitivity Panels:

Ayumetrix food sensitivity test panels test 96 foods that assess IgG, IgG4, and IgA antibody responses, helping identify trigger foods linked to chronic conditions like IBS and eczema. 

The 96-food panel is available in variations tailored to general, Asian, Japanese, Mexican, and vegetarian diets, facilitating effective identification and elimination of offending foods for symptom relief.

Genetic Testing

Ayumetrix integrates genetic testing into its services, offering options for testing individual SNPs as well as genetic testing panels.  

These tests detect specific genetic variations that can influence a person’s response to diet, medication, and other environmental factors.  A list of their Genetic Tests is below.

Comprehensive List of Tests Offered

Women’s Health

Women’s Hormones

Women’s Hormones Plus

Women’s Health Complete

Hormone Trio Saliva

Women’s Anti Aging (Basic)

Women’s Anti Aging (Advanced)

Women’s Anti-Aging (Comprehensive)


Ovarian Reserve



Men’s Health

Men’s Hormones

Men’s Hormones Plus

Men’s Health Complete

Hormone Trio Saliva

Men’s Anti Aging (Basic)

Men’s Anti Aging (Advanced)

Men’s Anti-Aging (Comprehensive)

General Wellness

Heart Health

Cholesterol and Lipids

Omega 3 Index Complete


Vitamin D


Weight Loss

Comprehensive Fitness

Skin Vitality


Sleep and Stress

Adrenal Stress

Cortisol Diurnal Rhythm

Cortisol Plus

Thyroid Health

Genetic Testing

Cardiac Health


Mood Profile


Pain Management

Weight Management

Nutritional Deficiencies

Food and Nutrition Panels

96-Food General Panel

About the Lab

Best known for their hormone and genetic test panels. Offered in blood or saliva. Offer stat turnaround in 24 hours for genetic tests.

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Quality Control Process

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3 - 5 days
Shipment Tracking
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Avg. Sample Processing
8 days
Consultation Availability
CLIA Certified
CAP Accredited
ISO 15189
COLA Accredited
Order, track, and receive results from 30+ labs in one place.