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KBMO Diagnostics

KBMO Diagnostics

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KBMO Diagnostics
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About the Lab

KBMO Diagnostics is a medical diagnostics laboratory specializing in food sensitivity and inflammation testing. They’re also currently offering COVID-19 antibody tests in bloodspot and serum.

KBMO Diagnostics tests and testing methods are supported and informed by research and expertise from renowned diagnostic assay developers and healthcare professionals in women’s health, functional medicine, microbiology, immunology, and nutrition.

About KBMO Diagnostics

KBMO Diagnostics is a medical diagnostics laboratory headquartered in Hopedale, Massachusetts, specializing in food sensitivity and inflammation testing. Established in 2004, the company has emerged as a leader in personalized medicine, offering innovative tests to support healthcare practitioners in delivering individualized care to patients.

Their focus is on promoting personalized medicine through the ongoing development of innovative tests to assist practitioners with individualized results to better support patient health care.

Comprehensive Testing Services

KBMO Diagnostics provides a range of diagnostic tests with a primary focus on food sensitivity testing for 176 foods, colorings, and additives in their FIT Test. This test offers valuable insights into patient food sensitivities, inflammation levels and gastrointestinal permeability, also known as leaky gut.

Innovative Testing Technology

The FIT Test, developed and patented by KBMO Diagnostics' Chief Scientific Officer, utilizes a multi-pathway delayed food sensitivity approach that measures IgG antibodies and Complement C3d. 

This advanced testing methodology enables practitioners to identify potential triggers for adverse reactions and tailor treatment plans accordingly.

Personalized Patient Support

Upon receiving FIT Test results, KBMO Diagnostics offers personalized support to patients through nutritionists who assist in creating individualized meal plans. 

This holistic approach to patient care aims to empower individuals to make informed dietary choices to resolve digestive complaints and improve overall health and well-being.

Certifications and Registrations

KBMO Diagnostics has an FDA Registered and ISO 13485 compliant manufacturing facility as well as a CLIA High Complexity Laboratory.

KBMO Diagnostics’ Popular Tests

KBMO Diagnostics offers a range of popular tests designed to assess food sensitivities, immune responses, and gastrointestinal health. 

These tests utilize advanced methodologies to provide healthcare practitioners with valuable insights into patients' conditions, allowing for personalized treatment approaches tailored to individual needs.

FIT 176

The FIT 176 test is a comprehensive assessment that evaluates sensitivities to 176 foods and additives by measuring IgG and immune complexes. 

The FIT 176 test now includes the Gut Barrier Panel, allowing practitioners to gain insights into gut health and barrier function. 

Additionally, the FIT 176 test is available as a blood spot or serum test, providing flexibility in sample collection and analysis.

Scroll down to learn more about the FIT 176 Test.  

FIT 132

The FIT 132 test assesses sensitivities to 132 foods and additives, providing practitioners with a comprehensive overview of potential triggers for adverse reactions. 

Like the FIT 176 test, it now includes the Gut Barrier Panel for enhanced insights into gut health and function. 

Available in both blood spot and serum versions, the FIT 132 test offers flexibility and convenience in testing options.

Scroll down to learn more about the FIT 132 Test.  

FIT 22

For individuals seeking a more focused assessment, the FIT 22 test evaluates sensitivities to 22 common foods by measuring IgG and immune complexes. This streamlined test provides targeted information on specific dietary triggers, allowing for tailored dietary interventions to address sensitivities and improve overall health.

Gut Barrier Panel

The Gut Barrier Panel helps practitioners assess gut health and barrier function by measuring IgG 1-4 /C3d and IgA 1-2 antibodies against occludin, zonulin, LPS, and Candida. 

Included in the FIT 176 and FIT 132 tests, this panel provides valuable insights into gut dysfunction, ranging from sensitivity and inflammation to more severe levels of leaky gut. 

By understanding the status of the gut barrier, practitioners can develop targeted interventions to support gastrointestinal health and overall well-being.

Zonulin Add-On

The Zonulin Add-On test measures zonulin levels, a marker of intestinal permeability. This single-marker add-on can be included with the FIT 44 or FIT 22 tests, providing additional information on gut barrier integrity and function. 

Zonulin is now included in the FIT 132 and FIT 176 panels.  

By assessing zonulin levels, practitioners can further evaluate intestinal permeability and tailor treatment strategies accordingly.

All Tests Offered by KBMO Diagnostics

FIT 22

FIT 132

FIT 176

Gut Barrier Panel

Zonulin Add On

About the Lab

KBMO Diagnostics specializes in food inflammation and offers food inflammation tests. They’re also currently offering COVID-19 antibody tests in bloodspot and serum.

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