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Doctor's Data

Doctor's Data

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Doctor's Data
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About the Lab

Doctor’s Data has a long-standing relationship with health and wellness practitioners nationally.  Focused on assessing hormone and metabolite levels, toxic and essential elements, as well as gastrointestinal and nutritional health, Doctor's Data aims to support healthcare practitioners in delivering effective patient care. 

The laboratory is renowned for its innovative approach to testing, which is grounded in ongoing research and collaboration with experts in nutrition, naturopathy, chiropractic medicine, biochemistry, pharmacology, and various other health fields.

About Doctor's Data

Doctor's Data, headquartered in St. Charles, Illinois, has been providing specialized diagnostic testing since 1972. 

Doctor's Data was founded with a commitment to enhancing patient care through advanced diagnostic solutions. The laboratory specializes in a broad range of tests, focusing on evaluating hormone and metabolite statuses, levels of toxic and essential elements, as well as gastrointestinal and nutritional health.

Doctor’s Data provides a wide array of functional testing to aid in decision making and better patient outcomes.  They are dedicated to helping practitioners assess and treat heavy metal burden, nutritional deficiencies, gastrointestinal function, hormone status, cardiovascular risk, liver and metabolic abnormalities, and more.

They focus on serving practitioners and patients through innovative, accurate specialty testing.  Their commitment extends beyond laboratory testing to encompass timely result delivery, cost-effective analysis, results interpretation, and exceptional customer service. 

They offer tests for a variety of sample types including blood, urine, stool, hair and saliva.  

Doctor's Data maintains continuous involvement in scientific research to enhance the value and relevance of their services to healthcare providers and their patients.

Mission and Vision of Doctor’s Data

The laboratory’s mission encompasses three key objectives: developing advanced specialty tests to assist in the detection and management of chronic conditions, educating healthcare professionals to enhance patient outcomes, and leveraging scientific advancements to improve health. 

Doctor's Data maintains a rigorous quality assurance program that ensures the accuracy, precision, and reliability of their diagnostic results, and they offer expert consultation and educational resources to practitioners, reinforcing their commitment to improving lives through science.

Commitment to Practitioner Education

Doctor's Data employs a team of clinical and scientific experts who are available for consultation and educational purposes, helping to bridge the gap between laboratory science and clinical application. 

These experts bring a wealth of knowledge from diverse fields including nutrition, naturopathic and functional medicine to help practitioners implement therapeutic change based on their patients’ lab results.  

Doctor's Data's Testing Standards

Quality Assurance Commitment

Doctor's Data prioritizes consistent, accurate results through a comprehensive quality assurance program that monitors the precision, accuracy, and detection limits of analytical measurements. This program is supported by highly trained personnel, advanced instrumentation, and the latest methodologies, alongside a robust data management system and ongoing client education.

Quality control measures include rigorous data review for each quality control sample and patient result, ensuring all quality criteria are met and critical values are verified. 

Additionally, they regularly participate in external quality assessment by sending samples to other laboratories for comparison and engaging in proficiency testing programs like those offered by the College of American Pathology.

Accreditations and Certifications

Doctor's Data operates under multiple accreditations and certifications, including: 

  • American Proficiency Institute Certificate
  • Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA) Certificate #14D0646470
  • DEQAS Vitamin D Certificate
  • EQUIP Certificate
  • European Commission Joint Research Center Validated Supplier for Trace Elements
  • New York State Department of Health PFI #5449.
  • Maryland Department of Health Laboratory Permit #795.
  • Ohio Department of Health Laboratory Approval #C10074.
  • Pennsylvania Department of Health Clinical Laboratory Permit, Lab ID Number 031847.
  • State of California Clinical Laboratory License, CLIA Number 14D0646470.
  • State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations - DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH - License #LC000421.

Popular Tests Offered by Doctor's Data

Comprehensive Stool Analysis + Parasitology (CSAP) - 3 Day

The Comprehensive Stool Analysis + Parasitology, or CSAP, helps identify the causes of gastrointestinal symptoms and chronic systemic conditions. 

It assesses:

Digestive Function: measures the efficiency of digestion and nutrient absorption

Gut Microbiome: identifies the composition of gut bacteria, distinguishing beneficial from harmful microorganisms

Parasitology: checks for parasites and their eggs

Inflammation and Immune Response: includes markers to detect inflammation and assess gut-associated immune function

Intestinal Health: evaluates overall gut health with additional markers like pH and short-chain fatty acids.

Collecting samples over three days enhances the test's accuracy by accounting for daily variations in stool composition. This comprehensive approach is beneficial for diagnosing conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), and other digestive issues, as well as for formulating personalized treatment plans. It's particularly useful for individuals experiencing symptoms related to gastrointestinal health, such as chronic diarrhea, bloating, or unexplained abdominal pain.


The GI360™ test offers a comprehensive analysis of the gastrointestinal system. Utilizing a blend of advanced techniques including multiplex PCR, MALDI-TOF, and microscopy, the GI360™ test identifies pathogens, viruses, parasites, and bacteria that may be contributing to acute or chronic gastrointestinal conditions. This test represents a significant advancement in gastrointestinal diagnostics, providing clinicians with detailed and actionable data.

Hair Elements

The Hair Elements profile by Doctor's Data is a non-invasive test that assesses exposure to toxic metals like methylmercury and arsenic, as well as to evaluate the status of specific nutrient elements.

Hair, being an excretory tissue, incorporates trace elements during protein synthesis in the follicles, making these elements a permanent part of the hair structure. This characteristic makes hair an ideal sample for detecting toxic elements, which can be up to 300 times more concentrated in hair than in blood or urine. 

Doctor's Data specifically uses hair for identifying exposure to elements such as antimony, arsenic, cadmium, aluminum, lead, and mercury. The test is recognized for its accuracy and reliability and has been validated by the European Commission Joint Research Centre.

Urine Toxic Metals Tests

Doctor's Data also offers several versions of the Urine Toxic Metals test including timed, random, and 24-hour collections. These tests are used to evaluate a patient's exposure to toxic elements and assess the efficacy of detoxification therapies. 

The flexibility in testing options allows for comprehensive monitoring and adjustment of treatment plans based on individual patient needs and responses.

Comprehensive Hormone Profiles

Doctor's Data provides a variety of hormone profiles including the Comprehensive Hormone Profile and the Diurnal Cortisol Profile to identify hormone imbalances that may be causing a variety of troubling symptoms. 

These tests offer insights into hormonal imbalances and adrenal function by analyzing sex hormones and cortisol levels in saliva throughout the day. Such profiles are essential for diagnosing and managing conditions related to hormonal imbalances such as stress-related disorders, metabolic problems, and reproductive issues.

Exclusive Tests Offered By Doctor’s Data



  • Neurotransmitterssome text
    • Comprehensive Neurotransmitter Profile (urine)some text
    • NeuroBasic Profile (urine)some text
    • NeuroHormone Complete Profile (saliva and urine)some text
    • NeuroHormone Complete Plus Profile (saliva and urine)some text
    • NeuroAdrenal Profile (saliva and urine) some text

Environmental Exposure and Detoxification

Gastrointestinal Health

Nutritional Status

Toxic and Essential Elements

About the Lab

Doctor’s Data is best known for their essential and toxic elemental testing, and they also offer an array of other specialty tests.

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Quality Control Process

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Order, track, and receive results from 30+ labs in one place.