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GI360: Extensive Assessment of the GI Microbiome
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GI360: Extensive Assessment of the GI Microbiome

October 20, 2021
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About this class

​​In this engaging live class on GI360: Extensive Assessment of the GI Microbiome by David Quig PhD and Julia Malkowski ND, DC, you’ll take home the following:

​This webinar will provide an overview of the industry-standard GI360 stool test. A primary focus will be the rationale for the essential incorporation of complementary methodologies to evaluate gastrointestinal microbes. Other components covered will be the advantages and limitations of PCR-based testing, culture-based/proteomic testing, and susceptibility testing. Additionally, the highly focused microbiome and dysbiosis evaluation will be highlighted regarding published validation and clinical application. Furthermore, the comprehensive array of stool chemistries will be featured in context with the overall evaluation. Case studies will also be presented to illustrate the clinical value of the GI360. A live Q&A with Dr. Malkowski and Dr. Quig from Doctor’s Data will follow the main presentation.

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