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10 Essential Biomarkers to add to your Blood Test Panels
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10 Essential Biomarkers to add to your Blood Test Panels

January 26, 2022
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About this class

Join us in this Live Class where Dr. Dicken Weatherby, ND provides an in-depth presentation on 10 Essential Biomarkers to add to your Blood Test Panels.

​​In this class, you'll learn how to:

  1. ​How to analyse their patient blood test results from a more functional and preventative perspective.
  2. ​To go beyond the assessment that can be made from biomarkers most commonly found on a Chemistry Screen and CBC
  3. ​The clinical implications for values that fall outside of the optimal range.
  4. ​The 10 essential tests each and every one of your patients over the age of 40 MUST have each year.
  5. ​The test markers that will be covered are:
  6. ​Fibrinogen
  7. ​Homocysteine
  8. ​HsCRP
  9. ​Thyroid panel
  10. ​Fasting Insulin
  11. ​Vitamin D
  12. ​DHEA
  13. ​Estradiol
  14. ​Free Testosterone
  15. ​Magnesium - serum and RBC

​This webinar will be devoted to 10 individual blood tests. It will cover essential blood tests that patients (especially those over the age of 40) MUST have each year. Annual blood testing is the most important step that patients can take to prevent life threatening disease. You will know which of these tests to order and when, so you can catch critical changes in your patients' functional state before they manifest as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or worse. Having the proper blood tests in hand and knowing how to do a thorough functionally oriented analysis of the results can empower them to enact science-based disease-prevention programs that could add decades of healthy function to their patients' lives.

This free course is hosted by Rupa Health, the best way to order functional & integrative tests from 20+ specialty labs, reducing your time spent ordering labs by 90% and helping you provide a superior patient experience.

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