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About the Lab

DNA RX is a genetic testing company established in 2019 by healthcare professionals. The company specializes in wellness-oriented genetic panels designed to support healthcare providers in optimizing patient care through diet and lifestyle adjustments. 

DNA RX's genetic reports provide actionable and clinically relevant information that helps practitioners and their patients understand the genetic factors influencing health.

About DNA RX

DNA RX, based in Missouri City, Texas, is a genetic testing company established in 2019 by healthcare professionals.  DNA RX states that they “support personalized nutrition and root-cause healthcare practices.  Understanding your genetics is the first step in utilizing appropriate supplements.” 

They provide curated and custom-crafted supplement protocols unique to an individual’s genetics and personal requirements.  They offer genetic testing to provide highly individualized supplement plans.   

The company's flagship Wellness Genetic Panel uses a simple cheek swab to analyze the "top 40" genes that are crucial for individual diet and lifestyle choices. 

The results of this test can reveal insights into vitamin deficiencies, personalized diet recommendations, neurotransmitter function, and sensitivities to specific foods and chemicals, tailored for both pediatric and adult patients.

DNA RX is committed to "empowering patients with the knowledge of how their bodies work," highlighting the profound impact of genetic testing on enhancing diet and lifestyle. 

They also offer extensive support and educational resources on gene testing, interpreting results, and nutrition, complemented by a range of supplements to meet patients' nutritional needs.

They offer Genetic Test Reviews for patients and practitioners as an additional service, and results they will review include the results of their DNA RX Wellness Panel as well as those from select other companies.  

Popular Tests Offered by DNA RX

Wellness Panel

The DNA RX Wellness Panel is conducted using a simple swab test, but the insights it provides are far-reaching. This test analyzes 40 genetic variants that are crucial for understanding an individual's overall wellness. It covers a range of genetic predispositions from food sensitivities to potential vitamin deficiencies. 

Test results are provided inside an 11 page report featuring essential wellness information including an individual’s genetic predisposition in the following categories: 

  • Fat Soluble Vitamins
  • Water Soluble Vitamins
  • Fatty Acids
  • Minerals
  • Antioxidants
  • Metabolism
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Neurotransmitters

Additional information regarding genetic testing is included for reference and additional insights.  

The results from this panel offer actionable information that healthcare providers can use to tailor personalized health plans for their patients, focusing on dietary recommendations, lifestyle changes, and preventive health measures. 

About the Lab

DNA RX is a genetic testing company that offers wellness-oriented panels for healthcare providers. With a focus on diet and lifestyle, DNA RX provides genetic reports that give actionable and clinically useful information.

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Order, track, and receive results from 30+ labs in one place.