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Food Sensitivity Testing in the Pediatric Population: Understanding the Why and When
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Food Sensitivity Testing in the Pediatric Population: Understanding the Why and When

December 7, 2022
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​Join Dr. Martinez and Infinite Allergy Labs.  Food Allergy and Sensitivity testing should be part of every pediatric evaluation.  Learn how it is an essential tool as part of pediatric treatment protocols whether the patient has digestive, autoimmune, headaches and other conditions.  By removing inflammatory foods, we can reduce symptoms and promote optimal health.  Dr. Martinez will share his extensive expertise and review how he implemented food allergy and sensitivity testing with his patients.  He will also discuss various patients who have achieved optimal health through removing foods.

​Infinite Allergy Labs tests IgE, IgG4, IgG and C3b/d.  By testing multiple pathways, we can ensure that we capture how foods are impacting our pediatric patients.  

​Learning Objectives:

  1. ​Understand which pediatric patients will benefit from Food Allergy and Sensitivity Testing
  2. ​Learn how food allergies and Sensitivities can develop within the pediatric population
  3. ​Learn why it’s important to test IgE, IgG4, IgG and C3/d
  4. ​Discuss real patient case studies and how removal of food allergies and sensitivities resulted in optimal outcomes

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