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How to Use Metabolomics Testing to Identify and Correct Mitochondrial Dysfunction
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About this class

​Metabolomics is the study of how various chemicals, known as metabolites, reflect the body’s dynamic metabolic processes. This field helps give great insight into how well our cells and tissues are functioning. Taking this “cellular fingerprint” approach, we can use metabolomic testing to address problems that arise on a cellular level.

​ One of the biggest cellular downfalls is mitochondrial dysfunction which leads to poor energy production and, eventually, cell death. Mitochondrial dysfunction has been shown to correlate with innumerable chronic diseases. In this webinar, we will discuss the “How To’s” of identifying and correcting mitochondrial dysfunction as well as how certain dietary strategies fit into the whole metabolic picture.

​​In this Live Class - we will cover:

  • ​How does metabolomics and genomics fit together?
  • ​What is metabolomic testing and what can it tell you?
  • ​Be able to connect oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction
  • ​The role of fatty acids in a metabolomic study
  • ​How does diet influence the metabolome?
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